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  • [ESPER-423] - Warning logged if Java event class is an interface with an attribute of a particular type and the actual event bean class returns a subclass of that attribute in the method footprint
  • [ESPER-456] - Hi , I am getting below exception when Iam firing below query:
  • [ESPER-545] - startAllStatements() does not re-initialize variables
  • [ESPER-647] - On-merge for indexed properties only updates the first two values of the array
  • [ESPER-651] - Remove stream events with having-clause and "Aggregated and Grouped" (row-per-event) with group-by and time-window
  • [ESPER-694] - Output-first for unaggregated grouped query not outputting first only
  • [ESPER-776] - Match_recognize shows A.size() as null in measures, unless A itself is selected as a measure as well.
  • [ESPER-779] - NPE nested context (non-overlapping time-based+key-partitioned) managing 30 stmts


  • [ESPER-81] - Create Quick Reference document page
  • [ESPER-88] - Constrain pattern by fact that joined to streams
  • [ESPER-104] - Statement configuration from XML file
  • [ESPER-117] - Detect looping statements and control looping behavior
  • [ESPER-189] - Improve performance of anonymous map events by using indexed access in EventPropertyGetter
  • [ESPER-271] - EsperIO core relies on beanutil for just one method call
  • [ESPER-444] - Support for SQL GROUP BY WITH ROLLUP
  • [ESPER-500] - Provide event record and replay
  • [ESPER-667] - Trim statement name
  • [ESPER-778] - Support for context builtin properties in declared expressions
  • [ESPER-780] - Configuration XML of Map event type does not allow array "[]" marker for types
  • [ESPER-781] - Prevent accidental overwrite of Map type configuration through API

New Feature

  • [ESPER-5] - Input Adapter for JDBC
  • [ESPER-9] - Output Adapter - Event actioning/alerting API
  • [ESPER-11] - Output Adapter for dashboard, charting, BAM
  • [ESPER-15] - Java integration - support min/maxelement, size etc. for access into event properties that are arrays and collections
  • [ESPER-21] - EQL - support for 'Union'
  • [ESPER-33] - GUI for modeling, testing, drag&drop composition, configuration, record&playback, visualization of streams, debugging, step forward/backward
  • [ESPER-45] - Output Adapter - CSV files
  • [ESPER-196] - Configuring a DB for an OutputAdapter
  • [ESPER-364] - [PATCH] XMPP input adapter
  • [ESPER-384] - Allow return multiple columns on a corelated subselect
  • [ESPER-428] - EsperIO / CSV - support for timedelta column


  • [ESPER-777] - Passing a stream as a parameter to nested declared expressions


  • [ESPER-79] - Natural SQL with embedded EQL
  • [ESPER-156] - Fully auditing facility
  • [ESPER-265] - Switch to SLF4J
  • [ESPER-581] - rownum() function (multiple update listener version)

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