Release Notes - Maven One Plugin (RETIRED) - Version 1.1 - HTML format


  • [MONE-1] - building an m1 plugin inside the reactor doesn't include the plugin.jelly and properties files
  • [MONE-8] - The goal one:convert is not implemented in version 1.0 although it is documented and should work.
  • [MONE-9] - [maven-maven1-plugin] Don't add plugins twice
  • [MONE-10] - [maven-maven1-plugin] Tweak the configuration xml syntax


  • [MONE-12] - [maven-maven1-plugin] Expand Compiler and Surefire Converters
  • [MONE-13] - [maven-maven1-plugin] Use maven-model-converter instead of bundled class
  • [MONE-14] - [maven-maven1-plugin] Replace bundled v3 model-classes with a dependency on maven-model-v3

New Feature

  • [MONE-7] - Add the ability to convert a pom from M1 to M2
  • [MONE-11] - [maven-maven1-plugin] Allow configuration conversion for reporting plugins


  • [MONE-4] - Review Plugin Documentation

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