Release Notes - Maven Changes Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.0-beta-3 - HTML format


  • [MCHANGES-1] - Annoucement generates announcement for wrong type of package
  • [MCHANGES-9] - HTML inside <action/> is swallowed
  • [MCHANGES-11] - improve error reporting when changes.xml not found
  • [MCHANGES-13] - Exception thrown when running changes:announcement-generate
  • [MCHANGES-16] - release history hyperlinks don't work
  • [MCHANGES-19] - bad URL/404 on JIRA report results in exception
  • [MCHANGES-23] - docs should use short goal names
  • [MCHANGES-50] - Handle JIRA authentication failure
  • [MCHANGES-51] - Table not correctly closed in ChangesReportGenerator#constructActions()
  • [MCHANGES-54] - jira-report with filter specified gives 500 error
  • [MCHANGES-56] - Default announcement.vm doesn't check issue type correctly.
  • [MCHANGES-57] - How does the plugin know what issues were fixed in this version?
  • [MCHANGES-63] - Custom filters can not be added to a JIRA query.
  • [MCHANGES-64] - The changes plugin should not push an "external link" image into the output renderer
  • [MCHANGES-68] - The changes plugin uses anchors and links that don't match.
  • [MCHANGES-70] - NPE if the version attribute is not set properly in the changes.xml file


  • [MCHANGES-55] - Add ability to turn off download URL in email
  • [MCHANGES-77] - Document the variables available to the announcement template.
  • [MCHANGES-81] - Use a less noisy version of plexus-velocity
  • [MCHANGES-87] - Ability to specify the mail sender explicitely

New Feature

  • [MCHANGES-25] - I'd like to have changes:announcement-mail be able to support authentication
  • [MCHANGES-26] - Allow user to create custom velocity template for announcement
  • [MCHANGES-27] - Add 'disable jira' flag
  • [MCHANGES-79] - Allow for overriding the announcement email from address

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