Release Notes - Maven Changelog Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.2 - HTML format


  • [MCHANGELOG-86] - Error with outputEncoding parameter set to UTF-8
  • [MCHANGELOG-89] - Dependency Conflict plexus-utils
  • [MCHANGELOG-91] - mvn changelog:changelog svn --non-interactive fails under Mac OSX 10.5 (svn: PROPFIND authorization failed)
  • [MCHANGELOG-99] - Invalid generated HTML reports
  • [MCHANGELOG-104] - NPE when using the plugin with the git provider


  • [MCHANGELOG-69] - Print developer names regardless of whether they're listed in the POM
  • [MCHANGELOG-70] - Support a URL filter that enables JIRA/bugzilla/whatever IDs quoted in SCM message to be mapped to real URLs
  • [MCHANGELOG-71] - Support a %REV% in displayFileDetailUrl in the same way we support %FILE%
  • [MCHANGELOG-72] - Provide a way to make the changeset revision number used in the changelog report an active link
  • [MCHANGELOG-73] - Print developer names in the change report for known developers and make them links to the team page.
  • [MCHANGELOG-76] - Changed a header when a log is created with only an end-tag

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