Release Notes - Maven Changelog Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.1 - HTML format


  • [MCHANGELOG-52] - Links are broken for viewcvs.cgi
  • [MCHANGELOG-54] - NPE during "Developer Activity" report generation
  • [MCHANGELOG-56] - Date format not understood by CVS
  • [MCHANGELOG-61] - Timestamp time is always 00:00:00 resulting to badly sorted list
  • [MCHANGELOG-66] - changelog for perforce fails because of default clientspec


  • [MCHANGELOG-58] - Make the report easier to read by bolding the actual file name
  • [MCHANGELOG-59] - Apply proper formating in the report for newlines in SCM comments.
  • [MCHANGELOG-60] - Make the date and time formats configurable for the ChangeSet headings in the report
  • [MCHANGELOG-63] - Tag-based reports have new headers, SCM-comments with newlines get linebreaks in HTML, lay-out update on changelog-report
  • [MCHANGELOG-65] - documentation samples for working changelog reports for each supported SCM

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