Release Notes - Jetty - Version 7.2.0 - HTML format


  • [JETTY-547] - Jetty should rely on socket.shutdownOutput() to close sockets
  • [JETTY-1247] - IndexOutOfBoundsException during close of idle ssl connection
  • [JETTY-1248] - Infinite loop creating temp MultiPart files
  • [JETTY-1255] - BufferUnderflowException during close of SSL connection
  • [JETTY-1261] - NPE on webapp startup
  • [JETTY-1263] - JDBCSessionIdManager table creation fails on Oracle
  • [JETTY-1265] - Jetty HTTP client fails to parse response when Reason-Phrase is empty in Status-Line
  • [JETTY-1271] - Unhandled unavailable exception
  • [JETTY-1280] - SelectChannelEndPoint logs to stderr


  • [JETTY-912] - Impossible to set read timeout for particular HttpExchange
  • [JETTY-1051] - Offer skip flag for integration-tests
  • [JETTY-1107] - Provide virtual WEB-INF/lib for maven plugin
  • [JETTY-1266] - jetty destroys filters and sessions in wrong order on shutdown
  • [JETTY-1279] - Make jetty-plus.xml enable plus features for all webapps by default
  • [JETTY-1283] - JSONPojoConvertorFactory cannot turn off fromJSON
  • [JETTY-1285] - Multiple CXF exception warnings


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