Release Notes - Jetty - Version 6.1.16 - HTML format


  • [JETTY-946] - Redeploys with maven jetty plugin of webapps with overlays don't work
  • [JETTY-947] - Exceptions encountered in terracotta session scavenging are lost and scavenging stops
  • [JETTY-948] - ConcurrentModificationException in terracotta session scavenger
  • [JETTY-953] - SSL keystore file input stream is not being closed directly
  • [JETTY-964] - Typo in Jetty 6.1.15 Manifest - Bundle-RequiredExcutionEnvironment (missing second "e" in Ex"e"cution)


  • [JETTY-899] - Review configuration files in etc
  • [JETTY-944] - Lazy cometd messages should not prevent long poll wait
  • [JETTY-956] - SslSelectChannelConnector - password should be the default value of keyPassword if not specified
  • [JETTY-973] - provide cometd method to deliver same message to a collection of users

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