Release Notes - Jetty - Version 6.1.14 - HTML format


  • [JETTY-630] - jetty6-plus rpm is missing the jetty6-plus jar
  • [JETTY-765] - jetty-maven-plugin (and maven-jetty-plugin) shut down the JVM that runs the build when stopped
  • [JETTY-778] - LifeCycleListenerTest fail all the time
  • [JETTY-779] - NCSARequestLog missing a line feed
  • [JETTY-784] - TerracottaSessionManager leaks sessions scavenged in other nodes
  • [JETTY-787] - Unescaped URLs used by MSIE7 are not supported.
  • [JETTY-788] - jotm does not work with scoped jndi
  • [JETTY-790] - WaitingContinuation can't change mutex
  • [JETTY-792] - TerracottaSessionManager does not unlock new session with requested id
  • [JETTY-793] - Log contains inconsistent timestamps
  • [JETTY-798] - jboss session manager incompatible with LifeCycleListener


  • [JETTY-782] - Implement interval advice for BayeuxClient
  • [JETTY-791] - Ensure jdk1.4 compatibility for core jetty classes in jetty-6


  • [JETTY-777] - include util5 on the jetty debs
  • [JETTY-783] - Update jetty self-signed certificate
  • [JETTY-833] - Update debian and rpm packages for new jsp-2.1-glassfish jars and servlet-api jar

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