Release Notes - Jetty - Version 6.1.12.rc3 - HTML format


  • [JETTY-715] - SSL key_size attribute converted into a String instead of an Integer using AJP
  • [JETTY-716] - empty cometd message causes NPE
  • [JETTY-720] - replace waitForStatus method in http client
  • [JETTY-722] - jndi related threadlocal not cleared after deploying webapp
  • [JETTY-732] - Case Sensitive Basic Authentication Response Header Implementations
  • [JETTY-738] - If finds a pid file is does not check to see if a process with that pid is still running
  • [JETTY-739] - IllegalStateException from QueuedThreadPool


  • [JETTY-241] - Support for web application overlays in rapid application development (jetty:run)
  • [JETTY-718] - during ssl unwrap, return true if some bytes were read, even if there is still underflow
  • [JETTY-723] - does not check if TMP already is set
  • [JETTY-731] - callback just prior to delivery
  • [JETTY-736] - Client specific advice
  • [JETTY-742] - Support private messages in cometd chat demo

New Feature

  • [JETTY-686] - Add lifecycle event listeners
  • [JETTY-721] - Support wildcard in VirtualHosts configuration


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