Release Notes - Jetty - Version 6.1.11 - HTML format


  • [JETTY-425] - NPE in SelectorManager
  • [JETTY-580] - java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: The method shutdownOutput() is not supported in SSLSocket
  • [JETTY-581] - new Context() creation when passing in parent results in null contextPath when server is running
  • [JETTY-582] - org.mortbay.util.StringUtil.__ISO_8859_1 should be final
  • [JETTY-584] - Protect against null context path passed in to Context
  • [JETTY-588] - RetryRequest exception should be handled even if it is wrapped in ServletException
  • [JETTY-590] - Digest Authentication not correctly implemented
  • [JETTY-595] - ClassCastException when wrapping HttpSession


  • [JETTY-336] - Requests fail if header exceeds buffer size
  • [JETTY-570] - Use QueuedThreadPool by default for jetty6


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