Release Notes - Jetty - Version 6.1.8 - HTML format


  • [JETTY-433] - ContextDeployer constructor fails unnecessarily when using a security manager if jetty.home not set
  • [JETTY-481] - Completing transport without messages produces non-evaluating response body.
  • [JETTY-490] - JSONEnumConvertor does not work
  • [JETTY-493] - JSON does not handle string formatting of BigDecimal
  • [JETTY-498] - 6.1.6 parses cookies with unquoted values containing separators incorrectly.
  • [JETTY-507] - Posted parameter values encoded in non utf-8 encoding are decoded incorrectly.
  • [JETTY-511] - mishandled JETTY_HOME when launched from a relative path
  • [JETTY-513] - Terracotta session replication does not work when the initial page on each server does not set any attributes
  • [JETTY-515] - Timer is missing scavenging Task in HashSessionManager


  • [JETTY-491] - append mime types for OpenDocument formats
  • [JETTY-512] - add slf4j to manifest

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