Release Notes - Jetty - Version 6.1.6rc0 - HTML format


  • [JETTY-422] - <Property name="fooBar"/> throws Exception if the property value referenced is null
  • [JETTY-427] - Error building jetty on Windows XP jdk1.5 ..... culprit on module setuid
  • [JETTY-447] - RolloverFileOutputStream creates non-daemon timer, process never exits.


  • [JETTY-259] - SystemRoot evnironment not set under CGI
  • [JETTY-311] - CometdServlet's filter config file uses reserved JavaScript keywords
  • [JETTY-405] - org.mortbay.jetty.NCSARequestLog should default to a standard date format
  • [JETTY-411] - setuid native code should be built during maven build

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