Release Notes - Jetty - Version 6.1.2rc0 - HTML format


  • [JETTY-213] - jetty-jboss Realm assumes Principal as JBossUserPrincipal - not always true
  • [JETTY-214] - JBossUserRealm.JBossUserPrincipal.isUserInRole(....) does not working properly
  • [JETTY-215] - JettyJBoss sar contains javax.servlet jars as well as jetty api jars
  • [JETTY-216] - AJP fragmentation
  • [JETTY-217] - 6.1.1 maven2 plugin is not compatible with jdk 1.4
  • [JETTY-218] - AJP13, The SSL-related bug
  • [JETTY-219] - cookies with non-alphanumeric values are not handled correctly
  • [JETTY-222] - Unable to bootstrap JSF applications in 6.1.0 - faces-config.xml will not parse
  • [JETTY-223] - jetty disassociate UserPrincipal when dispatch is INCLUDE (development of JETTY-214)
  • [JETTY-226] - busy loop on disorderly ssl socket close
  • [JETTY-232] - trouble with overrideWebXml
  • [JETTY-238] - The AJP13 protocol implementation seems to not like large packets of data, perhaps with lots of XML in t hem? repeatable problem


  • [JETTY-224] - bind jetty:run plugin to process-classes phase instead of compile

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