Release Notes - Jetty - Version 6.0.0rc1 - HTML format


  • [JETTY-29] - No logging in Jesper
  • [JETTY-35] - web.xml welcome config does not override defaultweb.xml
  • [JETTY-63] - leaks socket descriptors
  • [JETTY-77] - el expression in jsp tags results null pointer exception
  • [JETTY-86] - needClientAuth and wantClientAuth code is flawed
  • [JETTY-87] - NPE when switching from beta 15 to beta 17
  • [JETTY-88] - Path mapping will match on a partial substring
  • [JETTY-100] - [patch] org.mortbay.jetty.Server#Server(int port) always uses port 8080



  • [JETTY-91] - JAASRealm obscures username in RequestLogs and HttpServletRequest.getRemoteUser()

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