Release Notes - Maven WAR Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.1-beta-1 - HTML format


  • [MWAR-80] - Classifier in jar file name is removed once assembled into war file
  • [MWAR-133] - Filtering issue: wrong replacement of properties by values from MavenProject object
  • [MWAR-160] - Strange behaviour of org.apache.maven.plugin.war.util.WarUtils.dependencyEquals(Dependency, Dependency)
  • [MWAR-163] - The outputFilenameMapping does not apply to the artifact of the current project
  • [MWAR-168] - "Dependency Has Changed" Incorrectly Reported
  • [MWAR-169] - NPE during packaging.
  • [MWAR-170] - NPE in WebappStructure, Line 109
  • [MWAR-171] - External Web Resources are not properly filtered
  • [MWAR-182] - warSourceIncludes no longer works
  • [MWAR-183] - filteringDeploymentDescriptors should honor the encoding specified in web.xml
  • [MWAR-190] - NullPointerException building
  • [MWAR-210] - NullPointerException when running war:war

New Feature

  • [MWAR-172] - Allow specification of escape character to escape filter interpolation in WAR resources


  • [MWAR-185] - Upgrade to Maven Archiver 2.4
  • [MWAR-186] - Upgrade to XStream 1.3.1

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