Release Notes - Maven Source Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.1 - HTML format


  • [MSOURCES-28] - No test for up todate/no ablity to exclude from resulting jar
  • [MSOURCES-31] - forking lifecycle of source:jar goal results in release-plugin error
  • [MSOURCES-36] - Source jar manifest should contain Specification and Implementation details
  • [MSOURCES-37] - CLONE -maven-source-plugin causes generate-sources phase to execute twice
  • [MSOURCES-40] - Add throws MojoExecutionException on getSources() mehtod


  • [MSOURCES-13] - No-Forking mojos for use within a POM instead of CLI
  • [MSOURCES-34] - Allow the artifact type to be changed
  • [MSOURCES-39] - Add an includePom option to the sources:jar goal

New Feature

  • [MSOURCES-41] - Generate source jars supporting Eclipse Source Bundle format.


  • [MSOURCES-33] - provide <includes> <excludes> configuration
  • [MSOURCES-42] - Please add support for MavenArchiveConfiguration

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