Release Notes - Maven Site Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.0-beta-7 - HTML format


  • [MSITE-25] - mvn site:deploy and site:stage-deploy ignores server configuration in settings.xml
  • [MSITE-143] - SCP works for deploy goal, but not for site-deploy
  • [MSITE-174] - Default bundle used not correct
  • [MSITE-211] - Can't deploy site using site:deploy due to a ProxyHTTP error
  • [MSITE-262] - site.xml not inherited if build run from parent
  • [MSITE-270] - site.xml: menus inherited that should not
  • [MSITE-271] - Page title reads Introduction to $
  • [MSITE-274] - space/newline added after added after anchor, link, bold, italic and monospaced tags
  • [MSITE-283] - breadcrumbs from submodule added on the left side
  • [MSITE-289] - site:run in maven's site/trunk doesn't show certain apt files
  • [MSITE-304] - site:stage-deploy creates different directory structure than site:site
  • [MSITE-305] - Left menu not generated when run site:site outside the pom.xm directory specifying the pom.xml location with -f maven argument
  • [MSITE-313] - Use proper file encoding when storing site descriptor in local repo
  • [MSITE-316] - Broken links to submodules when staging site
  • [MSITE-317] - User proper encoding when interpolating site descriptor
  • [MSITE-341] - 'nonProxyHosts' element is not handled when we deploy a site
  • [MSITE-347] - Site plugin install the wrong site.xml descriptor in local repository since 2.0-beta-6
  • [MSITE-348] - bannerLeft not correctly overriden from the inherited one since 2.0-beta-6 in a reactor build
  • [MSITE-365] - Links in child modules are wrong


  • [MSITE-199] - Add publishDate position "none"
  • [MSITE-280] - Fix FAQ entry about staging
  • [MSITE-281] - Employ consistent typesetting/formatting
  • [MSITE-290] - Move logic from AbstractSiteMojo and AbstractSiteRenderingMojo for Doxia related stuff
  • [MSITE-292] - Swedish translation for the site
  • [MSITE-303] - Discard invalid characters from directory name generated for staging site
  • [MSITE-314] - use ${} as default value for "inputEncoding" parameter

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