Release Notes - Maven Site Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.0-beta-6 - HTML format


  • [MSITE-19] - Various encoding problems with InputStream and XML
  • [MSITE-91] - "src/site/site.xml" hardcoded in
  • [MSITE-114] - "Frenglish" project info reports with site:run
  • [MSITE-120] - site:run return blank page for javadoc report
  • [MSITE-137] - The 'name' element does not work for a menu that references modules
  • [MSITE-138] - site:stage does not create xref
  • [MSITE-149] - <version> tag is ignored for plugins in the <reporting> section of the POM
  • [MSITE-155] - site:run does not work with upper case letters in
  • [MSITE-170] - [ERROR] VM #displayTree: error : too few arguments to macro
  • [MSITE-175] - Log message shows wrong port number for site:run
  • [MSITE-182] - site:stage doesn't bring over reports like javadoc
  • [MSITE-185] - -Dproject.reporting.outputDirectory is not read
  • [MSITE-191] - ${} is not evaluated in site.xml
  • [MSITE-192] - Docs don't indicate where site.xml should be created
  • [MSITE-201] - ${modules} renders as [] causing parse error
  • [MSITE-203] - bannerRight is not right aligned if no image is used
  • [MSITE-205] - maven site plugin typo prevents parent site.xml resolution from working
  • [MSITE-207] - <poweredBy> not mentioned in the document
  • [MSITE-215] - <menu ref='parent'> creates broken links for parents parent
  • [MSITE-239] - encoding declaration in site.xml is ignored
  • [MSITE-246] - path of site.xml not possible to configure in tag <siteDirectory>
  • [MSITE-247] - Site generation does not inherit <version> element from parent site.xml
  • [MSITE-255] - Executing the site-site goal fails prior to executing the site-deploy goal on a clean maven install (Could be due to dependencies)
  • [MSITE-256] - Skin not applied in 2.0-beta-6-SNAPSHOT
  • [MSITE-260] - Bundle for Portuguese-BR is not correct
  • [MSITE-265] - filename with dot are considered as duplicate
  • [MSITE-286] - [ERROR] ResourceManager : unable to find resource 'VM_global_library.vm' in any resource loader.
  • [MSITE-324] - Force line breaks are ignored in UNIX files in Windows deployment
  • [MSITE-329] - infinite build loop during site generation


  • [MSITE-130] - Site generation fails for site.xml in UTF8 with BOM
  • [MSITE-133] - Fix documentation of skinning: <groupId> seems to be "org.apache.maven.skins" instead of "org.apache.maven"
  • [MSITE-147] - Date format defaults to US
  • [MSITE-151] - Ability to change the site directory in the plugin configuration in the pom.xml file.
  • [MSITE-168] - Use underscores instead of spaces in anchor names
  • [MSITE-219] - Slovak translation of
  • [MSITE-221] - Korean translation resource file
  • [MSITE-231] - Please update the german localization.
  • [MSITE-259] - Bump to new release of jetty

New Feature

  • [MSITE-45] - Ability to create an ear/war/zip from site
  • [MSITE-223] - Enable optional velocity processing of input documents
  • [MSITE-243] - Czech translation


  • [MSITE-200] - Schedule and release doxia 1.0-alpha-9
  • [MSITE-266] - Schedule and release doxia 1.0-alpha-10

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