Release Notes - Maven Release Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.0 - HTML format


  • [MRELEASE-3] - release:prepare should not require multimodule artifacts to be in the local repository
  • [MRELEASE-278] - release:clean doesn't clean up after release:branch
  • [MRELEASE-322] - Unable to set the working directory for projects where the master pom isn't at the root of the project
  • [MRELEASE-327] - Is branchName really optional for release:branch ? If so, what is the default?
  • [MRELEASE-336] - unable to release:prepare flat hierarchy project
  • [MRELEASE-383] - svn inconsistent line ending style
  • [MRELEASE-387] - command line versions don't seem to work on release:branch
  • [MRELEASE-433] - Add parameter remoteTagging to release:branch (to prevent issue with svn > 1.5.0)
  • [MRELEASE-442] - scm tag phase ignores custom message (need to use scm 1.3)
  • [MRELEASE-452] - allowTimestampedSnapshots=true still fails with snapshot dependencies
  • [MRELEASE-460] - Please upgrade to JDOM 1.1; current JDOM 1.0 contains a bug in parsing comments starting with hyphen
  • [MRELEASE-481] - prepare goal no longer errors on subversion files
  • [MRELEASE-493] - Prepare step doesn't stop if there are modified local files
  • [MRELEASE-502] - fix the equals() and hashCode() functions in release-descriptor.mdo
  • [MRELEASE-514] - release:branch hit remoteTagging problem
  • [MRELEASE-515] - release:prepare eats the root cause of the exception
  • [MRELEASE-520] - A comma separated list of release goals causes the release:perform goal to fail
  • [MRELEASE-580] - Can't release when on branch using git


  • [MRELEASE-225] - release should support multi-module project with sibling subprojects
  • [MRELEASE-261] - release:prepare should support flat directory multi-module projects
  • [MRELEASE-291] - FAQ entry explaining how to release a parent pom without releasing it's modules
  • [MRELEASE-324] - There should be a way to update POM version numbers without tagging/branching
  • [MRELEASE-377] - Missing releaseVersion parameter in release:branch goal
  • [MRELEASE-423] - Wrong goal specified to generate a release pom
  • [MRELEASE-451] - CLONE -scm:tag with scmCommentPrefix
  • [MRELEASE-461] - Add a mojo parameter for using the new remote tagging for svn scm provider (to prevent issue with svn > 1.5.0) in branch mojo
  • [MRELEASE-475] - Don't print stack trace when release:branch finds uncommitted files.
  • [MRELEASE-505] - Upgrade to scm 1.3

New Feature

  • [MRELEASE-372] - add branchBase optional parameter for release:branch goal
  • [MRELEASE-501] - create the possibility for performing a local checkout instead a clean checkout from the upstream repository for DSCMs
  • [MRELEASE-508] - Add TFS support

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