Release Notes - Maven Release Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.0-beta-6 - HTML format


  • [MRELEASE-133] - Language settings affect proper check-in for Subversion
  • [MRELEASE-175] - Svn commit fails due to large number of poms on windows
  • [MRELEASE-177] - generateReleasePoms does not work
  • [MRELEASE-178] - Release prepare fails to update version information for ejb-client dependencies
  • [MRELEASE-182] - release:prepare preparationGoals should be "clean verify"
  • [MRELEASE-217] - BUILD FAILURE: The version could not be updated: ${version}
  • [MRELEASE-227] - release:rollback fails when using Perforce
  • [MRELEASE-232] - NullPointerException in o.a.m.shared.release.phase.AbstractBackupPomsPhase.getPomBackup
  • [MRELEASE-233] - ScmCheckModificationsPhase ignores pom.xml
  • [MRELEASE-234] - RewritePomsForReleasePhase requires JDK 5.0


  • [MRELEASE-76] - Use new ScmProviderRepository.setPersistCheckout flag
  • [MRELEASE-179] - Create a branch instead of a tag
  • [MRELEASE-204] - two dependencies with the same groupId and artifactId can not be released
  • [MRELEASE-224] - When asking confirmation for SNASHOT plugin, no project name, many repetiton
  • [MRELEASE-231] - Rewriting scm urls when a tagBase parameter is present.

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