Release Notes - Maven Release Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.0-beta-4 - HTML format


  • [MRELEASE-4] - release plugin should ignore pom.xml from status check
  • [MRELEASE-9] - default version for the release, but not the development
  • [MRELEASE-20] - remove after successful release:perform
  • [MRELEASE-25] - "next dev" version of pom gets release info
  • [MRELEASE-27] - Insufficient information when SCM URL is wrong
  • [MRELEASE-30] - release:prepare changes incorrectly tag pom scm if tagbase not standard
  • [MRELEASE-31] - Dependency management versions should only be updated if they are SNAPSHOTs
  • [MRELEASE-37] - Module dependancies with inherited versions are updated to have versions
  • [MRELEASE-43] - Release plug-in did not add the tag to the end of tagBase
  • [MRELEASE-44] - release:perform doesn't work at all without
  • [MRELEASE-45] - release plugin removes xml comments and attributes
  • [MRELEASE-48] - release:prepare fails when already exists
  • [MRELEASE-57] - ../tags doesn't work
  • [MRELEASE-59] - Ability to pass user defined arguments into release:perform
  • [MRELEASE-60] - release plugin must rewrite scm connection + tag in tagged pom for providers other than SVN
  • [MRELEASE-63] - Error when trying release:prepare a second time
  • [MRELEASE-64] - <prerequisites> are stripped on release:prepare
  • [MRELEASE-66] - Source and Javadoc bundles should be optional
  • [MRELEASE-70] - ${version} in dependencyManagement is replaced after release:prepare
  • [MRELEASE-71] - build.pluginMangement.plugin is growing after each release:prepare
  • [MRELEASE-75] - Release perform injects parent pom into child and checks in for next development iteration
  • [MRELEASE-80] - release:prepare incorrectly Runtime.exec's m2 instead of mvn
  • [MRELEASE-86] - release:prepare fails on checkin while using Clearcase
  • [MRELEASE-93] - release:prepare loses POM prerequisite element
  • [MRELEASE-95] - Exception if version has no minor number
  • [MRELEASE-98] - re-architect as fully-tested components
  • [MRELEASE-101] - tests contains jdk1.5 method (impossible to build it without skipping test or using need jdk upgrade)
  • [MRELEASE-105] - Top Matter Lost in POM


  • [MRELEASE-77] - Adding a test only mode, where nothing is checked in into SCM

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