Release Notes - Maven Project Info Reports Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.1 - HTML format


  • [MPIR-126] - Move PluginManagementRenderer in an inner class of PluginManagementReport


  • [MPIR-48] - Internal html references are not generated in the team-list.html
  • [MPIR-52] - Wrong text on scm page for svn protocol
  • [MPIR-53] - there is no info about project-info-reports:summary in documentation
  • [MPIR-57] - URLs only link if they are FQDNs
  • [MPIR-59] - Site generation exception for french language, error with simple quote in translation "S'inscrire" for mailing list
  • [MPIR-60] - Current head throws NPE when generating reports
  • [MPIR-66] - When run standalone, project metadata is missing
  • [MPIR-70] - NullPointerException when generating Dependencies report
  • [MPIR-75] - Typing mistake in properties file
  • [MPIR-76] - Dependencies report is incorrect
  • [MPIR-79] - Add explicit resource bundle for English
  • [MPIR-81] - DependenciesRenderer logs Exception when it can't find the artifact being built!!!
  • [MPIR-84] - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when ML archive dont finish with a /
  • [MPIR-89] - Bad spelling in Project Information => Overview => Dependencies
  • [MPIR-90] - Bad style in text "Access from behind a firewall"
  • [MPIR-91] - Bad spelling in text "Access through a proxy"
  • [MPIR-92] - Wrong encoding in german properties
  • [MPIR-96] - Switched link text and target in license report
  • [MPIR-98] - Team list does not contain anchors on user ids
  • [MPIR-99] - Strange warnings when generating Plugin Management report
  • [MPIR-104] - Regression in 2.1-SNAPSHOT: SVN is no more recognized
  • [MPIR-106] - Regression in 2.1-SNAPSHOT, the Project Dependencies and the Project Transitive Dependencies are the same
  • [MPIR-109] - Wrong description of in source repository overview
  • [MPIR-119] - Dependency Repository Locations in Dependency Report doesn't allow snapshot artifacts url from the snapshot repositories
  • [MPIR-122] - Brazilian Portuguese language bundle - encoding problems and improvements
  • [MPIR-123] - Hungarian language bundle - encoding problems and improvements
  • [MPIR-124] - License report is empty in offline
  • [MPIR-129] - Duplicate entries of the same artifact in Licenses section of Dependencies report
  • [MPIR-130] - No mark or link to SNAPSHOT artifacts in Dependency Repository Locations section of Dependencies report


  • [MPIR-28] - improve convergence report
  • [MPIR-46] - Sample reports are out of date
  • [MPIR-47] - Dependency Report does not show origin of transitive dependency
  • [MPIR-54] - Team list table improvement
  • [MPIR-56] - Refactor the dependencies report
  • [MPIR-58] - The sandbox component Jar has been renamed to JarAnalyzer
  • [MPIR-61] - [PATCH] Updated CI Systems
  • [MPIR-62] - [PATCH] Dependency File Details : set right justification for numeric columns
  • [MPIR-64] - Korean translation resource file
  • [MPIR-67] - Please update the german localization.
  • [MPIR-69] - add anchors for developers
  • [MPIR-72] - Upgrade to doxia 1.0-alpha-9
  • [MPIR-82] - Clarify usage of outputDirectory parameter
  • [MPIR-87] - Show repositories an artifact is deployed to as a report
  • [MPIR-94] - Change optional label in dependencies site
  • [MPIR-108] - Add validation of SCM urls
  • [MPIR-110] - Update code due to deprecated classes in maven-dependency-tree:1.1
  • [MPIR-111] - Make Classifier and Optional column in dependencies report "optional" in the renderer
  • [MPIR-112] - Dependency Listings is too big: replace it by toogle entries in the dependency tree
  • [MPIR-113] - Dependency Tree lists all dependencies: needs to reduce to dependencies used by the project
  • [MPIR-115] - Make the Sealed column optional in dependencies report
  • [MPIR-116] - Make the classifier column optional in dependencies management report
  • [MPIR-117] - Replaced the table caption in the CI report
  • [MPIR-118] - Equalize links to project web site for artifactId
  • [MPIR-125] - Create a plugin report

New Feature

  • [MPIR-26] - Could the Dependencies report show the size of the jars/etc...
  • [MPIR-55] - Detailed Artifact Information & Repository Location for each Dependency.
  • [MPIR-63] - Allow configuration of scm connection, developerConnection and url
  • [MPIR-83] - Include reports for DependencyManagement and PluginManagement


  • [MPIR-34] - Update the i18n properties file with these new additions
  • [MPIR-50] - review plugin documentation
  • [MPIR-100] - Use Doxia 1.0-alpha-11
  • [MPIR-114] - Validate all generated reports with
  • [MPIR-121] - dependency.locations.enabled should set to true by default


  • [MPIR-43] - Use the plugin testing harness and add tests for the project-info-report mojos

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