Release Notes - Maven Help Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.1 - HTML format


  • [MPH-42] - Active profiles recursively growing
  • [MPH-49] - help:describe no-arg error doesn't mention "cmd"
  • [MPH-50] - "mvn help:describe -Dcmd=compiler:compile" describes entire plugin, not the specific mojo
  • [MPH-51] - "help:help -Ddetail" looks better than "help:describe -Dplugin=help -Dfull"
  • [MPH-52] - help:describe never shows "Default Value"


  • [MPH-15] - help:describe should accept plugin prefix or prefix:goal
  • [MPH-29] - help:describe should be way more helpful when no arguments are provided
  • [MPH-32] - "medium" mode should be the default for help:describe
  • [MPH-33] - Help plugin should refer to "goal" not "mojo"
  • [MPH-35] - Make -Dfull more discoverable by suggesting it
  • [MPH-37] - help:effective-pom - sort the properties list
  • [MPH-40] - help:effective-pom emits invalid XML to output file
  • [MPH-44] - Hide passwords for effective-settings
  • [MPH-46] - Improve the output of help:describe
  • [MPH-54] - -Dhelp:describe -Ddetail should not show component requirements

New Feature

  • [MPH-4] - add mojo to projecthelp to describe supported plugin parameter expressions
  • [MPH-12] - Create a Mojo to list all Profiles for a Project (even those loaded from an external profiles.xml)
  • [MPH-28] - New goal to list platform details
  • [MPH-30] - help:describe should accept "cmd" argument
  • [MPH-47] - Add a new goal to evaluate Maven expressions given by a user


  • [MPH-43] - Create an abstract Help Mojo with output parameter
  • [MPH-48] - Review dependencies

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