Release Notes - Maven PMD Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.3 - HTML format


  • [MPMD-55] - The Xml pmd file isn't encode to UTF8 charset counter the charset declaration in the file header
  • [MPMD-56] - targetJdk support for jdk 1.6
  • [MPMD-57] - cpd: wrong symlink detection if relative source path is used
  • [MPMD-58] - sourceEncoding honoured with pmd but not cpd
  • [MPMD-60] - @SuppressWarnings causes maven PMD plugin to fail on building report
  • [MPMD-66] - Support for jdk1.4 using new pmd-jdk14 artifact
  • [MPMD-67] - Using JDK 1.6 causes ParseException: Can't use generics unless running in JDK 1.5 mode!
  • [MPMD-69] - line number is not displayed in pmd check report


  • [MPMD-65] - Better error handling for PMDException


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