Release Notes - Maven Plugin Tools (moved to ASF) - Version 2.5 - HTML format


  • [MPLUGIN-106] - remove no mojo deprecation warning and throw an exception
  • [MPLUGIN-135] - Deprecated info in parameter table of goal page contains garbage
  • [MPLUGIN-136] - maven-plugin-tools-api requires relative script root paths
  • [MPLUGIN-137] - PluginDescriptorGenerator doesn't write plugin name
  • [MPLUGIN-140] - Plugin report states wrong JDK requirement


  • [MPLUGIN-100] - Allow customization of file encoding used for generated help goal
  • [MPLUGIN-101] - Allow customization of file encoding used for mojo extraction
  • [MPLUGIN-111] - Warn about usage of platform encoding
  • [MPLUGIN-138] - Suppress bogus warning in case goalPrefix has been set to default goal prefix
  • [MPLUGIN-141] - Output warning for deprecated component expressions
  • [MPLUGIN-145] - Improve Ant-Mojo support to provide parity with antrun plugin


  • [MPLUGIN-110] - Make easier to pass parameters into MojoDescriptorExtractors

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