Release Notes - Maven Plugin Tools (moved to ASF) - Version 2.4.2 - HTML format


  • [MPLUGIN-92] - helpmojo resulting mojo requires a project and performs multiple times
  • [MPLUGIN-93] - Use correct encoding for plugin-registry.xml
  • [MPLUGIN-94] - Use correct encoding for plugin descriptor
  • [MPLUGIN-96] - Handle character encoding properly in makeHtmlValid()
  • [MPLUGIN-97] - Use correct encoding for plugin metadata
  • [MPLUGIN-99] - Do not document help goal twice
  • [MPLUGIN-107] - Escape special characters in string literals used by HelpMojo
  • [MPLUGIN-108] - Incorrect minimum Maven version reported in plugin documentation
  • [MPLUGIN-114] - PluginXdocGenerator NullPointerException
  • [MPLUGIN-118] - missing / in closing tag in generated pom snippet
  • [MPLUGIN-119] - Regression when generating site (mojo description pages) for my own maven plugins
  • [MPLUGIN-121] - Plugin document report contains invalid XML in 'Usage' section.
  • [MPLUGIN-123] - mvn some-plugin:help command requires a valid pom.xml


  • [MPLUGIN-95] - Output proper charset name in XDoc report for mojos
  • [MPLUGIN-98] - Remove javadoc inline tags from output of help mojo
  • [MPLUGIN-112] - Respect line breaks from Javadoc when generating help goal
  • [MPLUGIN-113] - Improve generated help mojo to control output (indent, width)
  • [MPLUGIN-115] - Limit detail help output to a single goal
  • [MPLUGIN-116] - Improve XHTML compliance
  • [MPLUGIN-117] - Emphasize goal/parameter deprecation

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