Release Notes - Maven Javadoc Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.6 - HTML format



  • [MJAVADOC-181] - Javadoc report not generated for multi-module project if run from parent level.
  • [MJAVADOC-215] - warning proxyHost' is deprecated since 2.4
  • [MJAVADOC-219] - skip parameter is ignored in aggregate goal
  • [MJAVADOC-220] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in JavadocUtil.getIncludedFiles
  • [MJAVADOC-230] - aggregate report requires to have aggregate=true configuration parameter
  • [MJAVADOC-231] - tagletpath does not seem to work
  • [MJAVADOC-232] - copied doc-files folder contains svn meta files
  • [MJAVADOC-238] - No timeout set for URLConnection which can cause build to get stuck


  • [MJAVADOC-216] - Stylesheet file loaded from classpath
  • [MJAVADOC-222] - Documentation Issues
  • [MJAVADOC-225] - The plugin should be able to generate a jar of the aggregated javadoc
  • [MJAVADOC-226] - Add a new goal to fix Javadoc tags
  • [MJAVADOC-240] - Add default Javadoc link depending the values of maven-compiler-plugin configuration

New Feature

  • [MJAVADOC-97] - enable internal/external dependency references as links


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