Release Notes - Maven Javadoc Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.5 - HTML format


  • [MJAVADOC-138] - javadoc:test-javadoc failed if target/classes not already created
  • [MJAVADOC-144] - Cannot generate Javadoc on Mac OS X if path contains space characters
  • [MJAVADOC-162] - javadocExecutable unusable
  • [MJAVADOC-168] - Regression: 2.4-SNAPSHOT does not generate docs for generates sources if run outside a build
  • [MJAVADOC-178] - Transitive Dependencies to Taglet Artifacts are not resolved nor added to the classpath
  • [MJAVADOC-180] - aggregation doesn't work for test-javadoc goal
  • [MJAVADOC-183] - Aggregate javadoc does not process the src/main/javadoc directories
  • [MJAVADOC-187] - Javadoc jar manifest should contain Specification and Implementation details
  • [MJAVADOC-188] - -top command line argument is passed even when java version is <1.6, generating a warning
  • [MJAVADOC-190] - Javadoc tool -excludedocfilessubdir has no effect
  • [MJAVADOC-194] - javadoc 2.4 does not [build-helper:add-source {execution: add-source}] when aggregating a javadoc for a project
  • [MJAVADOC-198] - AbstractJavadocMojo#getClasspath(..) should use subProject's managedVersionMap
  • [MJAVADOC-201] - Links parameter should handle relative links
  • [MJAVADOC-210] - Unit tests fail on OS X
  • [MJAVADOC-212] - AggregatorJavadocReport/AggregatorTestJavadocReport are used by default in aggregator and no reports are generated


  • [MJAVADOC-78] - Add a flag to provide standard doclet parameters to custom ones too
  • [MJAVADOC-182] - use ${} as default value for "encoding" parameter
  • [MJAVADOC-189] - Allow skipping of javadoc generation
  • [MJAVADOC-192] - Bump to a new release of Doxia
  • [MJAVADOC-193] - Bump plexus-utils to 1.5.1
  • [MJAVADOC-196] - Create AggregatorJavadocMojo similar to AggregatorSourceJarMojo
  • [MJAVADOC-197] - Provide flag to ignore errors
  • [MJAVADOC-202] - Links ../apidocs from javadoc:javadoc to javadoc:test-javadoc
  • [MJAVADOC-203] - Test report should have its own config

New Feature

  • [MJAVADOC-191] - Add a new Mojo for test-jar
  • [MJAVADOC-204] - Have a way to auto detect tagletClass from a given tagletArtifact
  • [MJAVADOC-206] - use ${project.reporting.outputEncoding} as default value for "docencoding" and "charset" parameter and default to UTF-8
  • [MJAVADOC-208] - Added bootclasspath javadoc option
  • [MJAVADOC-209] - Exclude debug files for javadoc:jar goal



  • [MJAVADOC-126] - Add the ability to load the stylesheet from a jar (resource)
  • [MJAVADOC-185] - Revert MJAVADOC-165 and default to platform encoding

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