Release Notes - Maven Javadoc Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.4 - HTML format


  • [MJAVADOC-108] - proxy support for plugin not complete enough
  • [MJAVADOC-135] - Error parsing javadoc version when used with IBM jdk 1.4.2
  • [MJAVADOC-137] - javadoc:javadoc always runs as "aggregator"
  • [MJAVADOC-139] - NPE out of AbstractJavadocMojo::getSourcePaths() on multimodule project using aggregate
  • [MJAVADOC-141] - regression: Adding "jar" execution to the parent of a multi-module javadoc plugin causes "recursive invocations" error
  • [MJAVADOC-143] - java.util.NoSuchElementException when using maven 2.0.6 and 2.0.7, but works in 2.0.4
  • [MJAVADOC-145] - If Javadoc is set to aggregate, the build fails inside a Maven plugin module
  • [MJAVADOC-147] - -quiet argument is a standard doclet in j2sdk 1.4, not a javadoc option
  • [MJAVADOC-149] - Newline in ${} makes javadoc fail
  • [MJAVADOC-151] - No support for 'noProxyHosts' specified in settings.xml
  • [MJAVADOC-152] - Javadoc plugin fails when -J-fullversion returns localized version string
  • [MJAVADOC-155] - maxmemory and minmemory support only m unit
  • [MJAVADOC-156] - UnsupportedOperationException in multi module project
  • [MJAVADOC-157] - Javadoc for multi-module build executes full lifecycle for each module
  • [MJAVADOC-161] - performRelease=true breaks install/deploy with multimodule projects
  • [MJAVADOC-164] - Javadoc 1.4 fails due to missing directory in linkoffline option
  • [MJAVADOC-172] - classpath is wrong using aggregate mode
  • [MJAVADOC-173] - JavadocUtil#copyJavadocResources( File outputDirectory, File javadocDir ) should exclude default pattern
  • [MJAVADOC-176] - javadoc uses the undcoumented and platform unspecific -J-fullversion to determine version instead of the more standardized -J-version


  • [MJAVADOC-153] - Generate the OfflineLink class with Modello
  • [MJAVADOC-158] - Command line dump reveals proxy user/password in case of errors
  • [MJAVADOC-159] - nooverview not implemented
  • [MJAVADOC-160] - Validate javadoc options and standard doclet options
  • [MJAVADOC-165] - Provide specific default value for "encoding" parameter
  • [MJAVADOC-169] - Add support for i18n

New Feature

  • [MJAVADOC-148] - Support of -top option in standard doclet JDK 6.0


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