Release Notes - Maven IDEA Plugin (RETIRED) - Version 2.2 - HTML format


  • [MIDEA-89] - iml file generation done in the platform encoding, not UTF-8
  • [MIDEA-91] - Incorrect web module definition if repository drive letter is lowercase
  • [MIDEA-98] - Module filepath is generated incorrectly
  • [MIDEA-100] - Module file (.iml) is generated in a way that sources and javadocs are not recognized by Intellij Idea
  • [MIDEA-102] - Module filepath is generated incorrectly for sibling parent
  • [MIDEA-103] - Incorrect module paths are generated when parent project name is prefix in child project names
  • [MIDEA-108] - mvn idea:idea should call phases process-sources and generate-resources

New Feature

  • [MIDEA-99] - Allow the library to define a link to external javadoc.

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