Release Notes - Maven IDEA Plugin (RETIRED) - Version 2.1 - HTML format


  • [MIDEA-57] - Plugin does not properly handle dependency version using set notation
  • [MIDEA-62] - dependencies with scope provided are marked for packaging in IDEA
  • [MIDEA-66] - CVS support wrongly configured in IWS files due to upper/lowercase mismatch
  • [MIDEA-67] - SCM connection URLs that use the pipe character as a delimiter are not handled
  • [MIDEA-74] - Plugin doesn't handle correctly WebModule dependency scope
  • [MIDEA-75] - mvn idea:idea fails with StringIndexOutOfBoundsException (toRelative method) when adding resource to base project
  • [MIDEA-82] - [Patch] EJB module packaging is not generated correctly, and also does not support EJB 3.0
  • [MIDEA-88] - version control setting lost on update
  • [MIDEA-92] - Source directories under ${} get excluded


  • [MIDEA-39] - In a multi-module project, idea plugin should generate module dependencies instead of creating libs with references to the repository
  • [MIDEA-59] - Review IDEA Plugin site documentation

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