Release Notes - Maven Eclipse Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.5 - HTML format


  • [MECLIPSE-56] - Generated .project-file misses encoding declaration
  • [MECLIPSE-102] - sar projects conflict with maven-eclipse-plugin
  • [MECLIPSE-107] - Dependency Version Incorrectly Taken from DependencyManagement
  • [MECLIPSE-160] - Wrong description with the goal "add-maven-repo" documentation
  • [MECLIPSE-172] - Don't add Default ClasspathContainer if a alternate JRE or a "Execution Environment" is configured as ClasspathContainer.
  • [MECLIPSE-291] - tests fail with spaces in the path name
  • [MECLIPSE-296] - Wrong generated source-path when warSourceDirectory is set
  • [MECLIPSE-297] - eclipse:clean deletes files from pom projects
  • [MECLIPSE-301] - eclipse:clean doesn't respect packaging 'pom'
  • [MECLIPSE-305] - souce-path is absolute versus relative with WAR
  • [MECLIPSE-309] - warSourceDirectory incorrectly resolved inside a reactor (with a relative path)
  • [MECLIPSE-315] - RadWebSettingsWriter uses hardcoded webcontent path and ignores warSourceDirectory
  • [MECLIPSE-316] - RadCleanMojo does not clean .war files
  • [MECLIPSE-323] - eclipse:clean does NOT delete 'additionalConfig' files
  • [MECLIPSE-332] - is never filled
  • [MECLIPSE-342] - Found an equals call to check unrelated types
  • [MECLIPSE-346] - Transitive dependencies aren't used to resolve JEE/JSP/EJB/Servlet versions
  • [MECLIPSE-352] - RAD application.xml is not generated with good parameters
  • [MECLIPSE-356] - RadLibCopier does not respect warSourceDirectory setting of maven-war-plugin when copying dependencies
  • [MECLIPSE-357] - RadManifestWriter uses hardcoded web application source directory
  • [MECLIPSE-358] - plugin installed via eclipse:install-plugins have the wrong name
  • [MECLIPSE-366] - Test file(s) for Multi-project sample is missing
  • [MECLIPSE-367] - Dependency to artifact with classifier tests not distinguished from the regular artifact
  • [MECLIPSE-369] - source status cache not maintained.
  • [MECLIPSE-374] - Rename the expression ${eclipse.workspace} to ${eclipse.projectDir} for the parameter eclipseProjectDir in the goal eclipse:eclipse
  • [MECLIPSE-378] - Projects with customized warSourceDirectory still creates empty directories of the default path
  • [MECLIPSE-379] - When downloading sources and javadocs dependency classifier is not respected.
  • [MECLIPSE-390] - myeclipse goal ignores additionalConfig
  • [MECLIPSE-399] - URL for javadoc attachments on Unix is invalid


  • [MECLIPSE-32] - Allow for forcing the creation of direct project references for dependencies
  • [MECLIPSE-79] - exclude dependencies from the Classpath Container
  • [MECLIPSE-120] - Force inter-project dependencies
  • [MECLIPSE-152] - Write .classpath with ordered dependencies [incl. Patch]
  • [MECLIPSE-163] - eclipe:eclipse 2.3-SNAPSHOT with wtp-1.5 fixes
  • [MECLIPSE-213] - more jee support for wtp
  • [MECLIPSE-219] - Allow file contents to be obtained from url or location
  • [MECLIPSE-256] - [PATCH]Flat Maven2 Multiproject Structures and Classpath Resolution as Projects (not binaries)
  • [MECLIPSE-264] - Support for WTP2.0
  • [MECLIPSE-281] - Documentation patch for PDE support
  • [MECLIPSE-292] - Behaviour for sources and Javadoc attachement for dependencies should be consistent
  • [MECLIPSE-294] - Sort items in the generated .classpath
  • [MECLIPSE-331] - Allow to use a packaging model to override the packaging defined in the pom
  • [MECLIPSE-333] - WTP-2.0 support with howto apt, refactoring and contextroot handling
  • [MECLIPSE-392] - Output is written to src/main/webapp instead of target

New Feature

  • [MECLIPSE-74] - Workspace inspection when adding a project
  • [MECLIPSE-127] - Ability to add other workspace configuration similar to add-maven-repo goal
  • [MECLIPSE-158] - Add the ability to selectively treat a referenced project as a local repository file
  • [MECLIPSE-197] - Automatic reference of dependee projects
  • [MECLIPSE-260] - Ignore artifact version mismatches on creating references to sub-projects
  • [MECLIPSE-334] - Add a rule that determined artifacts will be always recognized as reactor projects
  • [MECLIPSE-341] - Support RAD7
  • [MECLIPSE-344] - connecting existing workspace artifact-projects
  • [MECLIPSE-359] - Add support for MyEclipse


  • [MECLIPSE-308] - Change the method of verifying whether JRE is included in "classpathContainers"

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