Release Notes - Maven Eclipse Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.1 - HTML format


  • [MECLIPSE-8] - Suport sources generator in eclipse plugin
  • [MECLIPSE-9] - eclipse:add-maven-repo not setting classpathVariable.M2_REPO correctly on windows
  • [MECLIPSE-25] - Allow disabling of WTP stuff
  • [MECLIPSE-33] - attaching javadoc jars to eclipse dependencies
  • [MECLIPSE-36] - use for WTP context-root (if specified)
  • [MECLIPSE-47] - Planning support for wtp 1.0
  • [MECLIPSE-49] - Existing settings in org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs are overwritten
  • [MECLIPSE-51] - Issue Tracking on website points to generic MNG instead of MECLIPSE
  • [MECLIPSE-66] - Java Build Path of dependency with scope "system" is prefixed with the M2_REPO system classpath variable
  • [MECLIPSE-67] - subprojects not included when the root pom has packaging pom
  • [MECLIPSE-81] - Instructions for add-maven-repo incorrect.
  • [MECLIPSE-93] - Incorrect src entry being added in .classpath for referenced projects


  • [MECLIPSE-55] - Documentation: eclipse:eclipse creates Projects or Libraries link

New Feature

  • [MECLIPSE-50] - Add getter/setter methods to the Eclipse Plugin Mojos to allow reuse via composition

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