Release Notes - Maven Checkstyle Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.2 - HTML format


  • [MCHECKSTYLE-40] - Some checks need the compiled classes (for instance JavadocMethod)
  • [MCHECKSTYLE-41] - Rules summary count of duplicate JavadocMethod configurations are merged
  • [MCHECKSTYLE-48] - regression: report generation doesn't work while dealing with the header file
  • [MCHECKSTYLE-53] - Cannot copy static resources on windows
  • [MCHECKSTYLE-54] - checkstyle:check does not see provided scope dependencies
  • [MCHECKSTYLE-55] - Wrong rules summary for GenericIllegalRegexp when message contains a quote
  • [MCHECKSTYLE-58] - Tests fail on non-English JVM
  • [MCHECKSTYLE-59] - Checkstyle Report fails if propertyExpansion contains backslash characters
  • [MCHECKSTYLE-63] - The local absolute path to the headerLocation file is output in the report
  • [MCHECKSTYLE-65] - regression in checkstyle 2.2: config locations seen as null
  • [MCHECKSTYLE-67] - settings suppressionsLocation does not set checkstyle.suppressions.file like suppressionsFile does
  • [MCHECKSTYLE-76] - don't check the test code
  • [MCHECKSTYLE-81] - Add dedicated resource bundle for locale "en"
  • [MCHECKSTYLE-83] - Checkstyle report showing a check as Error when it is Warning
  • [MCHECKSTYLE-85] - Make tests platform-independent
  • [MCHECKSTYLE-90] - Checkstyle-2.2-SNAPSHOT not working with Maven 2.0.9


New Feature

  • [MCHECKSTYLE-45] - It should be possible to configure checkstyle:check to fail on "warnings".
  • [MCHECKSTYLE-47] - Allow running checkstyle in test sources


  • [MCHECKSTYLE-69] - Improve documentation related to custom developed Checkstyle check modules


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