Release Notes - Maven Assembly Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.2-beta-3 - HTML format


  • [MASSEMBLY-361] - Fix MASSEMBLY-285 default behaviour to be the correct behaviour


  • [MASSEMBLY-165] - Test error on Windows XP + Cygwin
  • [MASSEMBLY-190] - Problem with dependency conflict resolution on multi-module project
  • [MASSEMBLY-211] - assembly plugin and jar plugin disagree about whether to use uniqueVersion snapshot names
  • [MASSEMBLY-213] - jar-with-dependencies and signed jars issue again
  • [MASSEMBLY-217] - <outputFileNameMapping> needs to report collision.
  • [MASSEMBLY-230] - <fileset> not filtering resources, but <files> does filter
  • [MASSEMBLY-237] - lineEnding ignored in a child project
  • [MASSEMBLY-241] - Multiple includes in dependencySet
  • [MASSEMBLY-245] - Manifest Section configuration does not work properly
  • [MASSEMBLY-256] - Regression: pom properties are no longer expanded in descriptor.
  • [MASSEMBLY-270] - Assembly does not resolved managed dependencies correctly
  • [MASSEMBLY-284] - regression: line ending setting is not honoured
  • [MASSEMBLY-285] - regression: duplicate files added to the assembly
  • [MASSEMBLY-287] - Unable to pass -DskipAssembly=true through the command line to skip the assembly plugin.
  • [MASSEMBLY-291] - attach the resulting assembly not working as expected
  • [MASSEMBLY-293] - <fileSets> not filtered in multimodule build, but <files> are
  • [MASSEMBLY-297] - Assembly broke on GNU/Linux - NullPointerException
  • [MASSEMBLY-298] - Includes/Excludes within <unpackOptions> are ignored
  • [MASSEMBLY-301] - assembly:attach wrongly renames/overwrites assemblies to the primary artifact
  • [MASSEMBLY-302] - Maven assembly plugin should use plexus-archiver version
  • [MASSEMBLY-306] - Dependency resolution fails with an NPE for a provided dependency with a fixed version
  • [MASSEMBLY-308] - Syntax Problem in Example Doco
  • [MASSEMBLY-314] - Multiple inclusion of dependencies in binary assembly
  • [MASSEMBLY-319] - Cannot bind to lifecycle with multiple modules
  • [MASSEMBLY-322] - Filtering in filesets in multimodule build does not work
  • [MASSEMBLY-328] - When assembly is attached to pom with appendAssemblyId disabled, it won't be installed or deployed
  • [MASSEMBLY-331] - assembly descriptor doesn't seem to property substitute properties
  • [MASSEMBLY-340] - Filtering doesn't work for multimodule assembly builds
  • [MASSEMBLY-341] - Fat JAR assemblies may result in JARs with duplicate files
  • [MASSEMBLY-342] - NPE when filtering fileSet
  • [MASSEMBLY-345] - a"ppxml attribute is required" error when making ears with the assembly plugin
  • [MASSEMBLY-351] - ${project.xxxx} is not interpolated in the descriptor
  • [MASSEMBLY-354] - useTransitiveFiltering does NOT include artifacts whose dependency trail matches one of the include patterns when it has wildcards
  • [MASSEMBLY-355] - I get duplicate files in my "-jar-with-dependencies.jar"
  • [MASSEMBLY-375] - Leading slash in Windows when including one file in archive.
  • [MASSEMBLY-400] - Maven is installing artifacts with the wrong extension and in some cases not even installing artfiacts it should be installing
  • [MASSEMBLY-404] - Different behavior on Linux and Windows
  • [MASSEMBLY-483] - NullPointerException when a dependency uses version range and another uses an actual version incompatible with that range


  • [MASSEMBLY-76] - [assembly plugin] improve or clarify inheriting/reusing descriptors
  • [MASSEMBLY-159] - Add FAQ about building multi-module assemblies from the top using Maven 2.0
  • [MASSEMBLY-216] - archive element in assembly descriptor
  • [MASSEMBLY-239] - In format dir, be able to create a dir without the suffix .dir
  • [MASSEMBLY-366] - DependencySet info message should be changed to debug level

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