Release Notes - Maven Antrun Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 1.2 - HTML format


  • [MANTRUN-32] - ant tasks don't use correct environment in antrun plugin
  • [MANTRUN-38] - Messed up maven.dependency.classpath when using maven-antrun-plugin-1.1
  • [MANTRUN-75] - tasks if or unless does not work properly
  • [MANTRUN-82] - skip test
  • [MANTRUN-85] - Plublic documentation is out of sync with released plugin


  • [MANTRUN-35] - mvn debug level not passed to ant
  • [MANTRUN-43] - Standard ant properties are missing
  • [MANTRUN-46] - Move the description of the mojo from @description to the top of the class's comment block

New Feature

  • [MANTRUN-41] - Easy access to dependency jars
  • [MANTRUN-44] - No way to skip antrun when -Dmaven.test.skip is set


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