Release Notes - Maven JXR (moved to ASF) - Version 2.0 - HTML format


  • [JXR-39] - [JXR] botton doesn't include current year for license text
  • [JXR-42] - Jxr breaks in projects with generated-sources directories
  • [JXR-43] - long/complex destination directories for site cause a "String index out of range" error


  • [JXR-49] - don't generated summary page and include both reports in menu like m1
  • [JXR-50] - JXR Plugin Documentation and How to use APT doc

New Feature

  • [JXR-46] - add an <aggregate> option
  • [JXR-47] - add option to disable test Xref


  • [JXR-48] - Create test for jxr plugin

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