Release Notes - Grails - Version 1.3.4 - HTML format



  • [GRAILS-3094] - No index creation for enum properties
  • [GRAILS-3966] - UrlMappings do not sort properly when Response codes are at the top or in the middle of the closure
  • [GRAILS-5088] - Services should be ignored in scaffolding
  • [GRAILS-5811] - Webflow end states don't support dynamic URLs, redirects fail
  • [GRAILS-5846] - Transients value is generated in the scaffolded view
  • [GRAILS-5892] - SecurtyFilter Example of chapter 11.3 Authentication in the doc causes Exception in Grails 1.2.1
  • [GRAILS-6030] - ReleasePluging.groovy fails to release to local grails repository that requires authentication
  • [GRAILS-6049] - Render template to string and write direct to response
  • [GRAILS-6100] - Unable to display a specific view with an additional HandlerExceptionResolver
  • [GRAILS-6237] - No documentation of the "instanceOf" or "isInstance" method on domain classes (whichever it is - I don't know!)
  • [GRAILS-6241] - Custom plugins repository configuration not working
  • [GRAILS-6284] - Version syntax for plugin dependencies in plugin POMs is incorrect
  • [GRAILS-6300] - grails shell command fails on 64-bit windows
  • [GRAILS-6315] - too many dependencies being packaged
  • [GRAILS-6330] - implicit grails package-plugin fails after upgrade from 1.2.1 to 1.3.1
  • [GRAILS-6360] - Grails is pulling in "provided" and "optional" dependencies
  • [GRAILS-6426] - No DB index can be created for enum properties
  • [GRAILS-6427] - Non-jar dependencies cannot be resolved
  • [GRAILS-6437] - controller.modelAndView.view broken in unit/integration tests
  • [GRAILS-6466] - Services implementing org.springframework.context.ApplicationListener no longer catch events
  • [GRAILS-6476] - params.clone() throws exception
  • [GRAILS-6481] - CLONE -Installing plugins from maven
  • [GRAILS-6482] - NPE in unit tests using MockUtils
  • [GRAILS-6484] - Documentation aliasing doesn't work
  • [GRAILS-6485] - redirect to default controller from within a webflow does not work
  • [GRAILS-6489] - Grails Stats returns the same value for Files and LOC
  • [GRAILS-6492] - There are two sections named 2.10
  • [GRAILS-6497] - withNewSession throws NPE in filter: Cannot invoke method addSession() on null object
  • [GRAILS-6503] - WAR does not include JARs from compile-scoped plugins
  • [GRAILS-6518] - test-app failing, unit and integration tests separately are working
  • [GRAILS-6520] - Stack trace filtering in tests does not respect -Dgrails.full.stacktrace=true
  • [GRAILS-6521] - Could not generate CGLIB subclass error when trying to add methods via an interceptor to Java / Hbm DAOs in Grails and proxyTargetClass set to true
  • [GRAILS-6522] - validate called after render affects view
  • [GRAILS-6526] - MockUtils fails to automatically assign ids if the id property is non-numeric
  • [GRAILS-6531] - On a reload, Grails console loses Hibernate session
  • [GRAILS-6532] - JSONObject.containsKey() is broken
  • [GRAILS-6536] - Two versions of ehcache in projects created with the maven archetype
  • [GRAILS-6541] - Add grails-test as a test scoped dependency in pom.xml created by the maven archetype
  • [GRAILS-6544] - findwhere domain class method does not work with null values
  • [GRAILS-6548] - The "pluginManager" bean is not present in the application context when integration testing
  • [GRAILS-6553] - Error executing bootstraps: Failed to invoke Servlet 2.5 getContextPath method java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to invoke Servlet 2.5 getContextPath method
  • [GRAILS-6554] - Multiple inline plugins cause sporadic build failures
  • [GRAILS-6556] - Domain class not reloaded
  • [GRAILS-6558] - Exceptions thrown in @BeforeClass methods cause unexpected output
  • [GRAILS-6560] - Destroy method not called with a Bean in applicationContext.xml
  • [GRAILS-6561] - mockDomain and generator:assigned not working
  • [GRAILS-6574] - When appending criteria to a named query that takes parameters, the parameters are set to null.
  • [GRAILS-6578] - Error executing script RunApp: groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: $Proxy12.startPluginChangeScanner() --> also in daily 1.3.4


  • [GRAILS-4660] - Add index.html to docs dir
  • [GRAILS-4832] - Javadoc warnings fix
  • [GRAILS-5725] - Allow plugins to easily insert hibernate event listeners
  • [GRAILS-6252] - generate-all should return non zero if the domain class cannot be found
  • [GRAILS-6380] - Recursively include in-place dependencies of in-place plugins
  • [GRAILS-6381] - Remove redundant artifact suffixes when using the scripts "grails create-xxxxx"
  • [GRAILS-6491] - Support MessageSourceResolvable properties better in forms, etc.
  • [GRAILS-6523] - Paremeterize PdfBuilder's paths
  • [GRAILS-6565] - set-version not working for plugin
  • [GRAILS-6577] - Upgrade To Groovy 1.7.4

New Feature

  • [GRAILS-6422] - Creating skinny WARs containing only plugin dependencies.
  • [GRAILS-6583] - Line Number AST Transform for GSPs

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