Release Notes - Grails - Version 1.3 RC2 - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-4090] - Russian messages from don't display correctly
  • [GRAILS-4906] - When an enum is an attribute of a domain subclass, subclasses on another branch still require it.
  • [GRAILS-5020] - Custom getter not possible
  • [GRAILS-5545] - release-plugin broken: trustAnchors parameter is empty
  • [GRAILS-5631] - subflows don't work when referenced in a different controller
  • [GRAILS-5666] - Run-war has some classpath conflicts
  • [GRAILS-5679] - The run-war script is not setting up classpath properly. Even with Ant added to runtime dependencies, errors occur using AntBuilder
  • [GRAILS-6062] - Global constraints broken
  • [GRAILS-6089] - Cannot execute local closure from within init closure in BootStrap.groovy
  • [GRAILS-6096] - Deploy to Glassfish fails
  • [GRAILS-6105] - JNDI configuration in grails.naming.entries broken since 1.2.2
  • [GRAILS-6121] - grails 1.3.0 RC1 binary zip problem
  • [GRAILS-6123] - gsp can't handle utf8 content correctly
  • [GRAILS-6124] - On auto reloading MissingMethodException is thrown: No signature of method: _GrailsRun_groovy.doInstallPluginFromGrailsHomeOrRepository()
  • [GRAILS-6125] - Grails cannot correctly restart after upgrading to 1.3RC1
  • [GRAILS-6126] - Grails distribution ZIP built from incorrect git repo
  • [GRAILS-6128] - can't upgrade to grails-1.3.x for some encoding issue
  • [GRAILS-6129] - Grails 1.3RC1 run-war does not work - shows 404 error page
  • [GRAILS-6155] - Stack Overflow on plugin release
  • [GRAILS-6156] - "test-app -unit" does not run any tests
  • [GRAILS-6161] - A property's shared constraint is applied to all the properties in a domain class
  • [GRAILS-6170] - grails generate-all fails
  • [GRAILS-6172] - When mapping a 500 error code in UrlMappings to a controller action, exceptions are logged three times and the controller is invoked twice
  • [GRAILS-6179] - -unit and -integration flags are ignored by test-app
  • [GRAILS-6187] - The defaultAction property is not making any impact in grails 1.3RC1 and accessing the defaultAction result in 404
  • [GRAILS-6196] - grails-macros.xml contains old .jar file references


  • [GRAILS-1861] - Allow parameters like server.port to be configurable in Config.groovy
  • [GRAILS-4518] - GORM on GAE
  • [GRAILS-4958] - logo in main layout is pointing to

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