Release Notes - Grails - Version 1.2-RC2 - HTML format



  • [GRAILS-3250] - findBy reference has invalid Equal entry
  • [GRAILS-4623] - Running uninstall-plugin for a plugin with a location set in BuildConfig deletes the source of that plugin
  • [GRAILS-5204] - Sitemesh pageProperty not working
  • [GRAILS-5212] - Data binding issue, binding relationships when fields to bind explicitly set
  • [GRAILS-5272] - Data binding with listed properties not working correctly
  • [GRAILS-5482] - fatal quartz error because plugins are loaded multiple times on tomcat
  • [GRAILS-5483] - i18n bundles being loaded from the wrong place in development mode resulting in bad characters
  • [GRAILS-5484] - g.paginate calls fails after change
  • [GRAILS-5485] - grails test-app executes integrationtest-classes twice
  • [GRAILS-5487] - i18n messages not found in test environment and locale de
  • [GRAILS-5494] - validation doesn't work in AppEngine
  • [GRAILS-5496] - system-property is not working for tomcat
  • [GRAILS-5498] - Creating new domain class causes Netbeans to freeze
  • [GRAILS-5499] - Permissions strings cannot be created programmatically using a GString
  • [GRAILS-5501] - RuntimeException with grails 1.2.0-RC1 and wordpress plugin in new testing mechanism
  • [GRAILS-5502] - Urlmapping not work when run the war of app
  • [GRAILS-5503] - grails update breaks eclipse .classpath file
  • [GRAILS-5504] - Constraints property of command objects is coming back as a Closure when previously was a Map
  • [GRAILS-5506] - IllegalArgumentException getting id of domain class - works fine in 1.2M2 and 1.1.1
  • [GRAILS-5507] - Can't run "grails upgrade" on Functional Test Plugin source
  • [GRAILS-5512] - GSPs specified from strings/streams will use up permgen space without releasing it (generated classes are cached with random key)
  • [GRAILS-5516] - grails tomcat deploy bundles tomcat-core.jar
  • [GRAILS-5519] - i18n fails in production mode for 1.2.0.RC1
  • [GRAILS-5523] - Use of <properties> element in Hibernate XML mapping results in exception on startup
  • [GRAILS-5524] - MD5BytesCodec use platform default encoding instead of UTF-8
  • [GRAILS-5529] - Attached instances are momentarily detached when back from subflow
  • [GRAILS-5537] - 'grails war --non-interactive' with inplace plugins interrupts process
  • [GRAILS-5538] - Views in the main application cannot reference layouts in plugins because GrailsLayoutDecoratorMapper fails to find them
  • [GRAILS-5540] - problem with @Validateable
  • [GRAILS-5542] - 'request.xhr' incorrectly identifies ajax requests
  • [GRAILS-5544] - grails test-app unit gives StringIndexOutOfBoundsException error
  • [GRAILS-5546] - g:render does not work when calling an app template from a plugin taglib without setting contextPath
  • [GRAILS-5549] - Cannot non-interactively WAR project with dependency on in-place plugin
  • [GRAILS-5552] - Subflow return to main flow does not work
  • [GRAILS-5556] - i18n messages not resolved during test-app
  • [GRAILS-5557] - Creating new domain class with default pakage causes Netbeans to freeze
  • [GRAILS-5558] - variable defined in html body can't be accessed from outside
  • [GRAILS-5559] - Hibernate plugin gets started twice in run-war mode when an in place plugin also uses the hibernate plugin


  • [GRAILS-2030] - Section 5.4.3 HQL docs don't say that you can query on objects
  • [GRAILS-2323] - [doc] outdated Gant url
  • [GRAILS-2767] - Typo in user guide, example for g:set
  • [GRAILS-5517] - Option to disable prepending of ${pluginContextPath}
  • [GRAILS-5541] - Support failOnError: true in mockDomain

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