Release Notes - Grails - Version 1.2 final - HTML format


  • [GRAILS-484] - Rolling issue: Make sure Grails apps import and run in Eclipse
  • [GRAILS-4818] - Provide an option to not include the ivy/ant files when generating the grails app
  • [GRAILS-5489] - Running "test-app integration" causes exception


  • [GRAILS-1733] - grails upgrade shouldn't overwrite build.xml
  • [GRAILS-2058] - Error in taglib example
  • [GRAILS-2063] - New user guide display problems in Mac Firefox
  • [GRAILS-2072] - Wrong sentence wrt belongsTo in many-to-many section
  • [GRAILS-2125] - dynamic finders only work with 2 fields maximum - this should be documented
  • [GRAILS-2407] - Use of single quotes in i18n messages file prevents from args beeing resolved
  • [GRAILS-3071] - JSON Builder is a toy. JSON/AJAX is very prevalent and the documentation should favor the JSON converter.
  • [GRAILS-3626] - Needs "def face" with "static belongsTo = [face:Face]"
  • [GRAILS-3781] - install-templates page has a trivial mistake
  • [GRAILS-3799] - 'fragment' atrribute for <g:createLink> should be documented
  • [GRAILS-3848] - fix incorrect documentation about doWithWebDescriptor
  • [GRAILS-3921] - Grails documentation inconsistencies
  • [GRAILS-3922] - No doc in binary package
  • [GRAILS-3937] - Guide missing
  • [GRAILS-4554] - api/index.html is missing in documentation zip file
  • [GRAILS-4788] - Documentation still states that typed service injection is not supported
  • [GRAILS-5099] - CLONE -toString() not inherited properly
  • [GRAILS-5196] - Unable to use Glassfish re-deploy with Grails 1.2M3 application
  • [GRAILS-5347] - More problems with grails-maven-plugin
  • [GRAILS-5378] - Grails tag docs for "link" and "createLink" do not mention "mapping" attribute.
  • [GRAILS-5409] - Integration test - Calling render(template:'template') from a controller on a template with <g:sortableColumn> throws exception
  • [GRAILS-5486] - Paths to web resources are incorrect in apps referencing a plugin in a parent directory
  • [GRAILS-5493] - ClassNotFoundException from Integration Test
  • [GRAILS-5563] - Deployment error on both jboss-4.2.3.GA and jboss-5.1.0.GA
  • [GRAILS-5564] - Service scopes not working
  • [GRAILS-5567] - Regression - "attrs" passed to taglib used to support clone() but doesn't in RC2
  • [GRAILS-5568] - Errors null - command object - edit closure
  • [GRAILS-5570] - Cannot set flash.message to null
  • [GRAILS-5584] - The Usage Links Are Missing In The Navigation Section Of The User Guide
  • [GRAILS-5594] - "NGO" domain class name breaks scaffolded controller links to index and other actions
  • [GRAILS-5702] - Grails Binary Release 1.2 broken, or documentation outdated (???)
  • [GRAILS-5708] - Message Bundle bad characters


  • [GRAILS-2251] - docs: TOC for each chapter, and favicon
  • [GRAILS-2396] - Include params object in createLink documentation
  • [GRAILS-2501] - transients are missing in the reference documentation
  • [GRAILS-2650] - Add usage of Transient properties to user guide.
  • [GRAILS-3167] - count method missing in criteria documentation
  • [GRAILS-3451] - Typo in regular expression for UrlMappings.groovy constraints example (6.4.8.)
  • [GRAILS-3591] - bindData has the option to explictly "include" and "exlude" fields from binding, however this not documeted
  • [GRAILS-3629] - FAQ update for JBoss-web.xml
  • [GRAILS-4070] - update and/or rename
  • [GRAILS-5479] - SchemaExport script has hard-coded configuration class, should read from DataSource.groovy
  • [GRAILS-5480] - Add getClassFileForTestClass() to GrailsTestTypeSupport
  • [GRAILS-5481] - Support non closure based usage of test request/transaction support classes.

New Feature

  • [GRAILS-3935] - Add constraints default in config.groovy


  • [GRAILS-4721] - Reference needs update due to altered semantics of grails.test.MockUtils


  • [GRAILS-2083] - Online version's User Guide is slow while being visited with firefox.
  • [GRAILS-3659] - Docs wrongly claim GrailsApplication has a dynamic method named "add*Class"

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