Release Notes - Archiva (moved to ASF) - Version 1.3.1 - HTML format


  • [MRM-1066] - Shutdown of Tomcat causes Exception when running Archiva Project
  • [MRM-1206] - HTTP ERROR: 500 when adding/deleting artifact, adding repository/legacy support/network proxies with null values
  • [MRM-1302] - java.util.ConcurrentModificationException while running Archiva 1.2.2
  • [MRM-1304] - Query using Group ID field in audit log report uses '/' as a separator instead of '.'
  • [MRM-1312] - mda5 and sha are not generated for snapshot jars
  • [MRM-1314] - Logo still links to incorrect location
  • [MRM-1316] - audit log report does not restrict events to repositories that you are a manager of
  • [MRM-1320] - Incorrect Archiva version specified for the "Process All Artifacts" feature in upgrade docs
  • [MRM-1321] - Snapshot is linking to oldest version in Archiva GUI
  • [MRM-1353] - Build number is always 1 for SNAPSHOT artifacts uploaded via web upload form
  • [MRM-1355] - Audit log reports user as 'guest' when deployed via WebDAV
  • [MRM-1356] - Content Lenght differs : Chunked request
  • [MRM-1373] - Archiva fails when default charset in database is UTF 8
  • [MRM-1386] - Start Date and End Date calendar pop-up in Audit Log Report page is broken


  • [MRM-621] - Use UTF-8 for better i18n support for page dispaly
  • [MRM-1310] - Include Audit Log report in feature tour

New Feature

  • [MRM-1389] - CLONE - Add support for NPanday artifact types

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