Release Notes - castor - Version 1.3 - HTML format


  • [CASTOR-1504] - Add support for global named (native) queries
  • [CASTOR-2583] - Test954 of new cpactf test suite fails on mysql and oracle when using datasource
  • [CASTOR-2601] - Fix documentation for 'org.exolab.castor.builder.javaVersion' property
  • [CASTOR-2602] - Remove broken HTML artifacts from reference guide
  • [CASTOR-2608] - Improve coherence for (XML)
  • [CASTOR-2609] - Improve coherence for
  • [CASTOR-2623] - Let .classpath point to jars of M2_REPO instead of the ones in lib directory
  • [CASTOR-2625] - Add comments why tests are included/excluded in new test suite
  • [CASTOR-2626] - Remove TC30 and TC31 from old test suite
  • [CASTOR-2628] - Generate files for cpactf-conf with maven
  • [CASTOR-2629] - Generate files for jdo-conf with maven
  • [CASTOR-2631] - Running Tests with MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server)


  • [CASTOR-168] - generating a swing based ui along with the descriptors and persistence classes
  • [CASTOR-771] - JBoss Mbean plug-in for Castor JDO
  • [CASTOR-850] - master detail OQL queries - explicit sort order for SQL queries with joined tables
  • [CASTOR-1140] - FieldMolder's findAccessor() method not up-to-date with current behavior in MappingLoader
  • [CASTOR-2041] - Ant task gen.mapping broken
  • [CASTOR-2272] - xmlctf tests started with Maven fail when using JDK5+
  • [CASTOR-2397] - abstract method with inner attribute
  • [CASTOR-2496] - Integration test suite for JDO extensions cannot be added as a module to root POM.
  • [CASTOR-2546] - unmarshalling xml with namespace fails to unmarshal auto-complete fields
  • [CASTOR-2547] - [PATCH] fix concurrent modification exception
  • [CASTOR-2549] - [PATCH] code creates exceptions in error condition, but fails to throw them
  • [CASTOR-2550] - When database constraint is violated at db.create() a NullPointerException gets thrown at SQLStatementLookup
  • [CASTOR-2553] - XML Schema Writer - wrong group creation
  • [CASTOR-2564] - Building with maven fails if source sits in a directory with spaces
  • [CASTOR-2565] - Handling of nill element is not consistent against different types
  • [CASTOR-2567] - Regression: SQLException 'Invalid column type' at execution of query
  • [CASTOR-2568] - Properties of extended entities do not get updated
  • [CASTOR-2578] - Creating element type with NMTOKENS does not generate in correct package
  • [CASTOR-2580] - Castor source code generator and line feed
  • [CASTOR-2585] - Regression: TC20 of old cpactf fails at Oracle database engine
  • [CASTOR-2587] - Make new reference guide available to Google Analytics
  • [CASTOR-2588] - CastorCodeGenTask lacks setGenerateMapping(boolean) method
  • [CASTOR-2591] - Amend Checkstyle rules to 'know' Java generics
  • [CASTOR-2592] - Unmarshalling fails for constructor with primitive type optional arguments - null-s are assigned as values for missing primitive type arguments.
  • [CASTOR-2599] - Castor xml code generator documentation outdated and broken.
  • [CASTOR-2614] - XML_NAMING configuration cannot be set programmatically
  • [CASTOR-2620] - Castor loses restriction hierarchy info
  • [CASTOR-2624] - TC203 of old Castor JDO test suite fails
  • [CASTOR-2632] - Broken links on the pages of website
  • [CASTOR-2637] - OneToOne and OneToMany relations don't work with JDK6
  • [CASTOR-2845] - Regular Expression not getting validated


  • [CASTOR-979] - extend JDO documentation by illustrations
  • [CASTOR-1449] - Re-generate class files for mapping.xsd and jdo-config.xsd
  • [CASTOR-2184] - Rename all *Configuration classes (such as XMLConfiguration, CPAConfiguration, ... ) to *Properties
  • [CASTOR-2526] - Improve src/build.xml and xml/build.xml for building XML module
  • [CASTOR-2543] - [PATCH] add generics to codegen project
  • [CASTOR-2548] - [PATCH] remove needless creation of boxed primitives in XML
  • [CASTOR-2552] - Fix eclipse and checkstyle warnings at cpactf and cpaptf
  • [CASTOR-2554] - Fix some eclipse and checkstyle warnings at cpa
  • [CASTOR-2574] - Update options on ant task
  • [CASTOR-2593] - Improve exception reporting when custom field handlers are used
  • [CASTOR-2613] - Enable loading of properties from a file specified at startup
  • [CASTOR-2621] - Add warning about removal of Ant building support from the current trunk
  • [CASTOR-2622] - Opportunity to remove a comparison operation in
  • [CASTOR-2630] - Marshaller performance - loadDefaultProperties
  • [CASTOR-2638] - Create JConstant class (analogue to JField)

New Feature

  • [CASTOR-2508] - Add a new user guide document to Castor (HTML, PDF, chunked HTML)
  • [CASTOR-2604] - add AbstractJClass.addSourceCode(String) to allow addition of arbitrary source into the generated class


  • [CASTOR-2551] - Broken Javadoc link on
  • [CASTOR-2559] - Re-point spring-xml project to 1.3rc1 release of Castor
  • [CASTOR-2569] - annotation_processing Module
  • [CASTOR-2581] - Execute tests of old and new JDO test framework against mysql
  • [CASTOR-2582] - Execute tests of old and new JDO test framework against oracle


  • [CASTOR-2278] - Castor 1.0.1 is not published in public maven 2 repositories
  • [CASTOR-2561] - Remove traces of 'ant' support
  • [CASTOR-2594] - Stubs for ClassInfo, Builder, Natures, etc. up to Info2DescriptorConverter - no AnnotationProcessors
  • [CASTOR-2600] - coherent (castorbuilder) properties comments and values
  • [CASTOR-2606] - output empty source code statements to an empty line in geenrated source code
  • [CASTOR-2607] - remove javasource dependency on org.exolab.castor.util.OrderedHashMap

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