Release Notes - castor - Version 1.4 - HTML format


  • [CASTOR-1682] - Add test on correct identification of has, create and delete methods to XML test suite
  • [CASTOR-1843] - Simplify binding file synatx by collapsing the various *Binding structures into one, i.e. componentBinding
  • [CASTOR-1844] - Add support for defining (limited) bindings for anonymous types


  • [CASTOR-1840] - Stream-line support for XPATH expressions in binding file


  • [CASTOR-324] - Castor's OQL implementation should be refactored to make use of ANTLR
  • [CASTOR-1788] - Add missing javadoc at javasource package
  • [CASTOR-1801] - Move org.exolab.javasource to org.castor.codegen.source package
  • [CASTOR-1802] - Move org.exolab.castor.builder to org.castor.codegen package
  • [CASTOR-1853] - Add "wildcard" for CTF execution to allow SIMPLE execution of a single test

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