Release Notes - Maven Doxia (moved to ASF) - Version 1.0-alpha-9 - HTML format


  • [DOXIA-110] - Add APT site documentation for SWF Maceo


  • [DOXIA-29] - APT - local anchor doesn't work
  • [DOXIA-47] - APT - local named anchors in apt text are not created properly.
  • [DOXIA-61] - site-renderrer-alpha-8.pom contains respository
  • [DOXIA-65] - Version of parent pom in doxia doc renderer is not updated in svn
  • [DOXIA-66] - Version of parent pom in doxia editor is not updated in svn. Also the doxia core dependency.
  • [DOXIA-67] - Compilation failure under JDK 1.5 for doxia-doc-renderer
  • [DOXIA-69] - Uncorrect role taken for plexus component configuration
  • [DOXIA-70] - Scope "test" must be added in dependency doxia-core:test-jar in doxia-modules
  • [DOXIA-76] - Doxia misses line breaks in apt when \ is not followed by \n
  • [DOXIA-77] - Snippets do not work in xdoc
  • [DOXIA-79] - Doxia generates different XHTML for the same xdoc code
  • [DOXIA-81] - Break line should not break page in XhtmlParser
  • [DOXIA-83] - Incorrect handling of images in menuitems
  • [DOXIA-85] - XhtmlSink does not escape &-characters in links, resulting in non-valid xhtml
  • [DOXIA-86] - The results of Site Renderer does not validate (CSS)
  • [DOXIA-88] - Everything in bannerRight should be right aligned, not just images
  • [DOXIA-90] - siternderer does not build
  • [DOXIA-93] - xdoc renderer chokes on multiple block elements in a section
  • [DOXIA-94] - doxia creates a name anchors with spaces which is not valid XHTML.
  • [DOXIA-96] - Doxia xdoc chokes on macros and pushes </macro> to the output
  • [DOXIA-98] - If no urls found in pom hierarchy site failed with NPE
  • [DOXIA-103] - Input encoding handling problem
  • [DOXIA-107] - XDoc sink doesn't honor figures
  • [DOXIA-112] - A single plexus JAR must be used to avoid problems with older versions of Maven
  • [DOXIA-113] - Can't build doxia with jdk1.4 in rev 542303
  • [DOXIA-115] - APT module requires descritptor merge
  • [DOXIA-126] - Missing licensing
  • [DOXIA-130] - Macro renaming
  • [DOXIA-131] - HtmlTools.encodeId makes id lower case
  • [DOXIA-133] - default XML encoding (UTF-8) or XML encoding set in XML files is ignored: inputEncoding is used instead
  • [DOXIA-139] - <p> tag in xdoc file is lost after <ul> tags encountered during transformation to HTML
  • [DOXIA-143] - Produced xhtml documents are missing namespace
  • [DOXIA-150] - Spurious <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> in generated <head> section
  • [DOXIA-151] - IOException when using skins that don't have a css directory


  • [DOXIA-72] - Allow multiple powered by logos with no border and no fixed size
  • [DOXIA-73] - twiki parser, and sinks fixes
  • [DOXIA-87] - Add support for class="externalLink" on links in the same way that Maven 1 did
  • [DOXIA-91] - Update Doxia Decoration model to actually work in reactor build.
  • [DOXIA-109] - Add Macro to support SWF (Flash) within APT
  • [DOXIA-114] - Adding Doxia API Javadoc
  • [DOXIA-120] - Firefox barfs on text-shadow css
  • [DOXIA-128] - Bump to new release of plexus-velocity
  • [DOXIA-147] - Reviewed velocity warning

New Feature

  • [DOXIA-53] - Pdf and Rtf support with the iText framework
  • [DOXIA-80] - APT Sink
  • [DOXIA-116] - DocBook Simple module "book" type Sink
  • [DOXIA-122] - [patch] support filename tag


  • [DOXIA-84] - Update of Maven Generated Sites to use 'Built by Maven' logo
  • [DOXIA-100] - The iText module should not be coupled to the apt and xdoc modules
  • [DOXIA-101] - Create a standard testing parser that emits all events so that any sink can be tested with it.

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