Release Notes - XFire - Version 1.1.2 - HTML format


  • [XFIRE-470] - jaxb2 example does not work
  • [XFIRE-472] - Spring example - log4j dependency
  • [XFIRE-474] - Namespace context is handled improperly in
  • [XFIRE-475] - DOMOutHandler unconditionally dumps the message to System.out
  • [XFIRE-477] - JAXWS generate faults without an upercase initial
  • [XFIRE-485] - Response message in WSDL generated by XFire Service structurally different from WSDL fed into WsGen Ant Task
  • [XFIRE-489] - Rerunning the WsGen Ant Task over-writes existing Service Impl class.
  • [XFIRE-492] - @WebService.wsdlLocation is not generated from wsdl
  • [XFIRE-497] - Exception when accessing the WSDL more than once (when using the <wsdlURL>)


  • [XFIRE-423] - rename customEditorConfigurer in customEditors.xml

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