Release Notes - XFire - Version 1.2-RC - HTML format


  • [XFIRE-35] - Aegis needs to handle Polymorphic relationships
  • [XFIRE-406] - XFire attempts to instantiate abstract classes when parsing a response
  • [XFIRE-459] - Getter and setter handling in InterfaceInvocationHandler violates Javabean spec
  • [XFIRE-460] - Properties in extended interfaces not returned in xfire proxied object
  • [XFIRE-466] - XFire 1.1.1 SAAJ dependencies are not resolved transitively
  • [XFIRE-470] - jaxb2 example does not work
  • [XFIRE-472] - Spring example - log4j dependency
  • [XFIRE-474] - Namespace context is handled improperly in
  • [XFIRE-477] - JAXWS generate faults without an upercase initial
  • [XFIRE-481] - @WebService.wsdlLocation does not resolve to files located on the application classpath
  • [XFIRE-482] - "IllegalArgumentException: URI is not hierarchical" thrown for @WebService.wsdlLocation=file:path/MyService.wsdl
  • [XFIRE-490] - SOAPAction does not get populated in the request
  • [XFIRE-492] - @WebService.wsdlLocation is not generated from wsdl
  • [XFIRE-493] - castor module does not compile on jdk 1.4
  • [XFIRE-494] - 2nd attempt to retrieve WSDL from .war results in Exception
  • [XFIRE-502] - Build error with Maven 2.0.4
  • [XFIRE-513] - wsgen task doesn't generate Holders for response headers
  • [XFIRE-514] - wsgen task uses element type as name for header parameters
  • [XFIRE-530] - Problem with Multipe Attachments
  • [XFIRE-537] - Missing complexType in generated wsdl with inheritance support
  • [XFIRE-541] - Check for xsi:nil="1"


  • [XFIRE-498] - Don't include jaxb 1 jars in distro by default
  • [XFIRE-511] - Possible approach to extensible WSDL generation
  • [XFIRE-538] - XFireClientFactoryBean "oddities" (when used with JAXWSServiceFactory or other AnnotationServiceFactory)

New Feature

  • [XFIRE-444] - Added optional gzip content encoding support to CommonsHttpMessageSender.
  • [XFIRE-467] - CLONE -Added optional gzip content encoding support to CommonsHttpMessageSender.


  • [XFIRE-539] - Option to disable stub generation

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