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  • [CARGO-660] - Replace runtime casts with Generic types wherever possible
  • [CARGO-907] - The ZipURLInstaller should have separate "download directory" and "installation directory" arguments
  • [CARGO-908] - The default "container extraction directory" for the Maven2 ZipURLInstaller should be ${}
  • [CARGO-925] - Reformat cargo-parent and re-order elements
  • [CARGO-926] - Add a description element to cargo-parent
  • [CARGO-927] - Add a ciManagement element to cargo-parent
  • [CARGO-929] - Remove plugin/reporting plugins from cargo-parent that are commented out


  • [CARGO-445] - tomcat5x configuration does not copy common/endorsed directories
  • [CARGO-478] - running mvn cargo:start does not redeploy newer war files
  • [CARGO-813] - Add support for HTTP authentication in pingUrl for a deployable
  • [CARGO-868] - Update wiki regarding use of archetype:generate instead of archetype:create
  • [CARGO-892] - JBoss 4.x remote deployer doesn't work with a large EAR file
  • [CARGO-893] - The documentation for Installer does not work on Windows
  • [CARGO-900] - Improper use of platform default encoding for string to byte conversions
  • [CARGO-903] - Improper use of platform default encoding by DefaultFileHandler when reading/filtering text files
  • [CARGO-904] - Local Glassfish using standalone configuration does not respect GeneralPropertySet.JAVA_HOME
  • [CARGO-906] - Glassfish local container is configured twice
  • [CARGO-912] - The Cargo geronimo2x container does not work with Geronimo 2.1.8 nor 2.2.2
  • [CARGO-913] - Geronimo 1.x standalone configuration makes server log to wrong file
  • [CARGO-917] - Update documentation for "merge.xml" in uberwar goal
  • [CARGO-918] - Container.stop() does not properly wait for server shutdown
  • [CARGO-923] - Tomcat 7.0.11 does not start due to ClassNotFoundException org.apache.catalina.mbeans.ServerLifecycleListener
  • [CARGO-934] - AbstractStandaloneLocalConfiguration.getDestFileLocation() produces wrong filename on Windows when source filename uses backslash as directory separator
  • [CARGO-939] - Cannot configure tomcat on Windows using absolute path
  • [CARGO-942] - Tomcat6x server.xml contains tomcat 5.5 style debug attributes
  • [CARGO-944] - Debug logging can't be activated for Jetty 7.x installed container
  • [CARGO-945] - Improper use of platform default encoding by ResourceUtils when extracting/filtering resource files
  • [CARGO-946] - Deployment of expanded WAR with context.xml fails
  • [CARGO-949] - JOnAS remote deployer fails on JOnAS 5.2.+
  • [CARGO-952] - Samples for JBoss 3.x, 5.x and 5.1.x don't work at all on Java 5
  • [CARGO-956] - cargo:start fails if internet is unavailable
  • [CARGO-957] - Link to blog entry is pointing to non existing page
  • [CARGO-958] - Remote deploy on linux machine fails to JBoss EAP 5.1
  • [CARGO-959] - Regression usage of %20 in conf URL
  • [CARGO-963] - Make TomcatLocalInstalledLocalDeployer.shouldCopyWars configurable through Tomcat container configuration
  • [CARGO-966] - JBoss4Deployer triggers inifinite loop in SimpleHttpServer, consumes 100%CPU
  • [CARGO-971] - The name property is ignored for remote ear deployment for glassfish3


  • [CARGO-313] - Add zip URLs on container pages (for downloaded containers)
  • [CARGO-331] - Add support for WAR custom contexts to remote deployers
  • [CARGO-414] - Create signatures for all deployment methods for accepting DeployableMonitor parameter
  • [CARGO-447] - Document Remote Debugging.
  • [CARGO-517] - Use Proxy-Configuration from settings.xml
  • [CARGO-656] - Refactor Cargo to use JDK 5 apis
  • [CARGO-713] - Separate container.timeout to start and stop timeouts
  • [CARGO-749] - Cargo Jetty Documentation for remote deployment
  • [CARGO-789] - Make build work with Maven 3.0
  • [CARGO-870] - Update archetypes to new Archetype plugin format
  • [CARGO-874] - Enable Cargo to use maven proxy (settings.xml)
  • [CARGO-883] - Use failsafe plugin for integration tests in archetypes
  • [CARGO-884] - Speed up deploying in jetty
  • [CARGO-885] - Improve the archetypes (from a Maven perspective)
  • [CARGO-888] - Repository params of the maven plugin should be read-only
  • [CARGO-889] - Add expression for the wait parameter
  • [CARGO-890] - Default home for created container configuration should be in target folder when using the maven plugin
  • [CARGO-891] - Also checkstyle the test Java files
  • [CARGO-894] - Set WebXmlTypeAwareParser's default version to 2.5
  • [CARGO-895] - The default installDir for zipUrlInstaller ( is inapproriate for some platforms (e.g. Mac OS)
  • [CARGO-896] - The default value for the 'wait' param should be 'false' on the ANT and Maven2 plugins
  • [CARGO-899] - Deploy an artifact in a cluster environment using CARGO JBoss remote deployer
  • [CARGO-901] - Add link to IDE code style templates on "Contributing" page
  • [CARGO-902] - Consolidate Deployable.isExpanded() and isExpanded*()
  • [CARGO-910] - Enable zero-copy deployment of WARs into Jetty
  • [CARGO-914] - Failures of asadmin to create a domain are not properly reported
  • [CARGO-919] - Bump to latest version of used plugins
  • [CARGO-921] - Apply checkstyle on the cargo-maven2-plugin
  • [CARGO-924] - Improve cargo-parent
  • [CARGO-928] - Fixed and improved Maven2 shared/extra classpath configurations with Tomcat
  • [CARGO-935] - Expose configuration property to control use of file mapped buffers by Jetty
  • [CARGO-936] - Extend support of JettyPropertySet.SESSION_PATH to embedded containers
  • [CARGO-937] - Add support for more JBoss specific deployables (HAR and JBoss AOP)
  • [CARGO-943] - Introduce an enum to represent the possible values of GeneralPropertySet.LOGGING
  • [CARGO-950] - Improve/fix the logic in AbstractCopyingInstalledLocalDeployer.deploy(...) wrt expanded and shouldDeployExpanded
  • [CARGO-954] - Apply checkstyle on the cargo-core-samples
  • [CARGO-955] - Apply checkstyle on the cargo-core-documentation
  • [CARGO-964] - Deprecate TomcatPropertySet.MANAGER_URL in favor of RemotePropertySet.URI

New Feature

  • [CARGO-128] - Add support for Deployers
  • [CARGO-449] - Allow a container distribution to be installed from a Maven artifact definition
  • [CARGO-461] - Allow changing the Tomcat context reloadable parameter
  • [CARGO-898] - Decouple JVM launching from Ant's Java task and allow clients to provide their own JVM launcher
  • [CARGO-962] - Cargo Ant Tasks do not support any action with the remote containers


  • [CARGO-665] - Document sharedClasspath option
  • [CARGO-793] - Remove support for Maven 1
  • [CARGO-886] - Remove Maven1 from the automatically generated container documentation
  • [CARGO-887] - Remove all Maven1 references from the CARGO website
  • [CARGO-941] - Update documentation regarding using Codehaus snapshot group repo (instead of the ci snapshot repo directly)


  • [CARGO-871] - Add tests for the Maven2 archetypes
  • [CARGO-922] - Add a test for the remote container of the cargo-maven2-plugin


  • [CARGO-897] - Add Eclipse IDE files to svn:ignore

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