Release Notes - Boo - Version 0.9.3 - HTML format


  • [BOO-1034] - compiler error referencing base class members of a generic subclass of a generic class
  • [BOO-1064] - Overriden explicit interface implementation crashes compiler
  • [BOO-1065] - Duplicate explicit interfaces cause emit error
  • [BOO-1071] - List comprehension cannot be used inside array constructor
  • [BOO-1081] - Subclassing containing class causes compiler stack overflow
  • [BOO-1082] - Abstract subclassing turns methods public
  • [BOO-1165] - Callable cannot declare variable parameters
  • [BOO-1170] - for/or bug in generator
  • [BOO-1191] - booish crashes after /help, /globals, /load and /save
  • [BOO-1194] - Any autocompletion on an array crashes Boo interpreter
  • [BOO-1211] - No type safety at all if LHS or RHS of expression is an interface
  • [BOO-1240] - Compiler falsely considers any member of the same name to fulfill an external interface.
  • [BOO-1241] - Not all overloads of external implementations searched
  • [BOO-1248] - Most of the links on the Boo home page are dead
  • [BOO-1251] - Overflowing calculations with constants are compiled to invalid code
  • [BOO-1252] - System.InvalidOperationException with void/bool comparison
  • [BOO-1253] - System.InvalidOperationException with void function in hash literal
  • [BOO-1254] - Boo compiler fails on certain file names
  • [BOO-1255] - Boo compiler fails on empty files
  • [BOO-1256] - Class not found after importing two similar namespaces
  • [BOO-1259] - inheritance generic class with abstract parameter causes error
  • [BOO-1261] - cross-namespace inheritance from an interface fails
  • [BOO-1262] - The white space agnostic parser is not preserving file names
  • [BOO-1266] - Parser fails on literal -9223372036854775808L (long.MinValue)


  • [BOO-903] - Allow 'of' to be omitted in type references when [] are used
  • [BOO-1236] - Missing PatternMatching patterns, plus regex pattern
  • [BOO-1260] - Language change: remove 'continue' and 'break' special meaning from 'or' blocks

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