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  • [BOO-456] - Internal Compiler error on accessing a method of a return of a property that has a twin
  • [BOO-625] - Internal compiler error when trying to override non virtual method with an explicit interface implementation
  • [BOO-671] - Update boo codedom for .net 2
  • [BOO-802] - CodeDom implementation is not aware of generics
  • [BOO-805] - Can't use == on nullable types
  • [BOO-807] - Issues with using nullable types in Boo
  • [BOO-813] - Anonymous callable types are incompatible with generic type references
  • [BOO-852] - Internal compiler error when subscribing to event on subclassed generic type
  • [BOO-864] - Error implementing interface inheriting interface implemented by base class
  • [BOO-906] - Internal error with GetType() inside internal generic type that inherits from internal generic type
  • [BOO-971] - AttributeUsageAttribute.ReturnValue is not checked properly
  • [BOO-972] - Compiler wont accept Nullable[of date]
  • [BOO-973] - compiler error when attaching to an event on a locally defined generic or on a generic using a locally defined type parameter
  • [BOO-974] - Compiler crashes on same-class instance generic method invocation when self keyword is not used and a non-generic compatible overload exists.
  • [BOO-975] - BadImageFormatException - compiler not checking presence of type parameters when constructing generic types
  • [BOO-977] - compiler error on referencing inherited member of generic subclass instance
  • [BOO-980] - performance problem in MetadataUtil.IsAttributeDefined
  • [BOO-983] - Compiation of types inheriting from constructed generic types is order dependent
  • [BOO-986] - DefaultAttribute doesn't work on typeless parameters
  • [BOO-993] - Unable to invoke clr extension method through its static signature since rev. 2861
  • [BOO-999] - Overload resolution inconsistency on duck vs. non-duck
  • [BOO-1002] - booish(2) instability
  • [BOO-1005] - no support for generic methods in interface declarations
  • [BOO-1008] - Compiler crash when a class defines a method and there is an explicit interface implementation of same signature
  • [BOO-1009] - Explicit interface property implementation uses 'implicit' implementation when there is one.
  • [BOO-1012] - Cannot build boo msbuild task on .NET 2.0 since rev. 2910
  • [BOO-1013] - A stub is always created when a class implements an abstract generic method with at least one generic argument
  • [BOO-1016] - Conflict between generic and non-generic methods overloads when return type is generic parameter
  • [BOO-1072] - assigning null to nullable types
  • [BOO-1096] - Stable branch r3070 fails to compile with mono stable branch checkout r118004
  • [BOO-1211] - No type safety at all if LHS or RHS of expression is an interface


  • [BOO-503] - Better naming of autogenerated methods that represent closures / callables
  • [BOO-818] - Shorthand syntax for Nullable of T, like T? in C#.
  • [BOO-968] - Allow for the use of a custom exception message for the required attribute
  • [BOO-978] - CodeDom support for partial classes
  • [BOO-985] - Allow arithmetic operations with nullables
  • [BOO-996] - Modify the for/while "else" semantic to use a new keyword: "then"

New Feature

  • [BOO-961] - Shorthand syntax for IEnumerable of T
  • [BOO-987] - Allow arbitrary Boo scripts to be run from within an MSBuild target
  • [BOO-988] - optional 'else' block for 'for' and 'while' loops
  • [BOO-990] - Allow Test cases to be ignored when building testcase tree
  • [BOO-995] - Add the "or" keyword semantic for for/while loops


  • [BOO-822] - Interpretator incorrectly adds two nullable decimals


  • [BOO-619] - Shortcuts to interfaces

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